Administrative Stipends

Administrative Stipends are paid in recognition of formal administrative appointments such as a Head of a Department, Director of a School or Associate Dean in an academic unit. Helpful information about our practice regarding administrative appointments is found in Policy AP5 – Deans/Principals Appointment (formerly Policy #21) and Policy AP9 – Academic Heads (formerly Policy #22).

Stipends are paid for the duration of the administrative appointment using a Faculty Appointment Form for an additional/concurrent appointment with the earnings code “ADM”. There is no salary scale, minimum or maximum for stipends. Stipends are taxable as salary, and attract pension and benefits, as well as CPP, EI, & WCB.

If a faculty member is asked by his or her Head of Academic Unit to take on an administrative role above and beyond what is normally required within their unit, s/he must be paid an honorarium, not a stipend.

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