Office Ergonomics

The Ergonomics Program is operating virtually.   Check out our Working from Home Ergonomics Guide  or contact  us to arrange your virtual assessment.


Home Office Ergonomic Resources

It’s important to take the time to set-up your home workstations to support you working efficiently, comfortably and safely.

Working from Home Ergo Guide

See our Working from Home Ergo Guide for creative yet feasible ways to improve your home office set-up.

Virtual Ergo  Assessments

Contact us to arrange a virtual assessment of your home office.

Home Office Ergo Webinar

In this 1hr webinar recording we’ll cover important tips to help you optimize your home office.   Register online.

Supervisor’s Guide:  Home Office Ergonomics

See our Supervisor’s Guide for Home Office Ergonomics for  tips on how to support your staff with their ergonomic set-up at home.

Ergo Your Posture

Mark your calendars. Live sessions Wednesdays at 10am on Zoom.  Or schedule  breaks in your calendar with our recorded session anytime and check out our Ergo Your Posture Poster. 

Check out our Fitting in Movement Guide to find other resources including links to UBC Rec to help you to incorporate positional change in your day.


DEPT Office Ergo Reps

Connect with your DEPT Office Ergo Rep  for departmental resources.

Ergonomic Resources for Traditional Offices

The resources below will help you if you have a traditional office workstation.

Ergo Your Office Online Guide

A step by step guide on how to set up your workstation ergonomically. This section includes setting up a sit-stand workstation and a traditional seated  workstation

Sit-Stand Desks

A guide to set up your height adjustable workstation ergonomically, purchasing guidelines for height adjustable desks and platforms, our sit-stand demo program and sit-stand medical accommodation process.

Additional Resources: