Leaving the RSB Plan

You can choose to leave the Retirement & Survivor Benefits (RSB) Program at any time.

To leave the RSB Program, please send us a letter stating that you wish to be removed from the Program and your benefits will be discontinued.

Send your written confirmation to Julia Carandang by email to julia.carandang@ubc.ca or by mail to:

Julia Carandang, RSB Administrator
600 – 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

When will my benefits end?

If you contact us before the 10th of the month, your benefits will stop at the end of that calendar month. If you contact us after the 10th of the month, your benefits will stop at the end of the following month.

If you leave the RSB Program, you cannot re-enrol at a later date.

In the event of your death

If an RSB member dies, the surviving spouse and children who are already listed as dependents are eligible to continue their coverage if they were enrolled in the Program within 31 days of the member’s death.

The coverage will continue until:

  • the dependent child no longer meets the definition of a dependent on the plan,
  • the surviving spouse re-marries or enters into a new common-law relationship, or
  • the end of the period for which premiums have been paid for the coverage.

Survivors are requested to contact Julia Carandang at julia.carandang@ubc.ca or at 604-822-4580 to make the necessary changes.