Message from the Vice President, Human Resources


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UBC staff & faculty by the numbers

  • Number of employees: 16,089
  • Vancouver: 4,975 faculty, 9,959 staff
  • Okanagan: 496 faculty, 659 staff
  • 27% of staff at UBC are under the age of 35, while 33% are 55 or older.


  • Number of new hires in 2016: 87 new faculty, 1,563 new staff
  • 65% of our new staff hires were under the age of 35

Learning & leadership

  • In 2016-17, over 4,000 faculty and staff accessed professional development funding to pursue learning opportunities.
  • 611 staff and faculty took part in Vancouver PD workshops in 2016-17.

Wellbeing & workplace health

  • 4,682 people took part in health and wellbeing outreach programs at Vancouver and the Okanagan campus.
  • 238 people had a health assessment done at our Travelling Health Fair and Healthy Measures Fair, as part of improving their personal health outcomes.
  • 596 participants took part in Staff & Faculty Sports Day, enjoying physical and mental challenges with their colleagues.

(Sources: UBC 2016/17 Fact Sheet and 2016/17 Focus on People Benchmark Report)