Eligibility for Relocation Funding: Information for Faculty and Staff


Am I Eligible Under the Relocation Policy?

Your eligibility is based on your job title and the term of your new position. You are considered eligible if you are a tenure-stream faculty member, prospective tenure-stream faculty member, librarian, or senior management staff who is relocating to the UBC Campus from outside Metro Vancouver or the Okanagan Campus from outside the Kelowna area.

Eligible faculty and librarian positions include:

  • Professor (tenure/tenure-track/grant tenure/grant tenure-track)
  • Professor of Teaching (tenure/tenure-track/grant tenure/grant tenure-track)
  • University Killam Professor
  • Associate Professor (tenure/tenure-track/grant tenure/grant tenure-track)
  • Assistant Professor (tenure/tenure-track/grant tenure/grant tenure-track)
  • Acting Assistant Professor (tenure track/grant tenure-track)
  • Instructor (tenure track/grant tenure-track)
  • Senior Instructor (tenure/grant tenure)
  • University Librarian
  • Acting University Librarian
  • General Librarian (confirmed/probation/grant confirmed/grant probation)
  • Administrative Librarian (confirmed/probationary)
  • Program Director (confirmed/probationary)

Senior management staff are considered to be at the Associate Vice President level and higher.

Appointments Not Eligible Under the Relocation Policy

If you are in other positions (including Post-Doctoral Fellows, Visiting Scholars, Research Associates, Sessional Lecturers and other staff not in senior management positions) that are temporary, visiting or sessional, you are not eligible for financial assistance from the Central Relocation Fund, the UBC fund that supports the relocation policy.

You do however have the option to use UBC’s designated relocation company, Quality Move Management (QMM), at your expense, for your moves to and from Canada. The University has arranged for QMM to provide the same negotiated rates and tariffs to new hires not eligible under Policy #82, the relocation policy. Contact the QMM Relocation Coordinator (see contact information here) for competitive moving quotes, and please note:

  • You need to let the QMM Relocation Coordinator know from the start that you aren’t eligible for funding from UBC’s Central Relocation Fund.
  • You will be expected to make payment directly to the movers.
  • You won’t need a purchase order to pay your relocation invoice.

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