How to Apply for DPA & MIA

Submit Your Application Materials As Soon As Possible

Please submit your application at your first possible opportunity to provide Treasury with as much time as possible to prepare and complete all necessary documentation.

Step 1: Complete the Application

Complete the application for the Mortgage & Down Payment Assistance Program application form, which can be downloaded and forward it to Faculty Relations by fax at 604.822.8770 or email to (Note: Later, upon confirmation of your eligibility for assistance through the MIA/DPA program and once your new purchase property details are available, you will be required to complete an Election Form and a Dean’s signature will also required on the Election Form.)

Step 2: Confirm Your Eligibility

Faculty Relations will confirm your eligibility for housing assistance. The confirmation will be forwarded to you and the Dean’s office. See Do I Qualify? for more information.

Step 3: Forward Documents to Your Dean

Upon your signing of a contract for the purchase of an Eligible Home, forward the following to your Dean’s office:

  • a completed Election Form (.docx)
  • a copy of the approved Application for Mortgage & Down Payment Assistance Program
  • a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale or a Title Certificate of your principal or primary residence in Metro Vancouver

Step 4: Dean’s Acknowledgement

The Dean will acknowledge and then forward the completed Election Form and required attachments to Treasury.

Step 5: Final Instructions

Upon receipt of the Election Form and required attachments, Treasury will contact you with final instructions (including the completion of the Mortgage or Down Payment Assistance Program Agreement).

For questions regarding the program, please email