Faculty Home Ownership Program (FHOP)

FHOP  Implementation Update (Dec 6, 2016):  10-Year Faculty Housing Strategy 2016

In 2016, the University worked on re-energizing the faculty rental and home ownership programs to expand the options for our faculty members.  Click here to learn more about this implementation strategy update that will start making tangible improvements immediately.

Helping to Make Home Ownership More Affordable

The Faculty Home Ownership Program (FHOP) is that part of the Housing Action Plan (HAP) that focuses on home ownership support for faculty. It provides some loan options to help make home ownership more affordable for approved full-time faculty. Please refer to each option for differing details on eligibility and application procedures.


Click here for the Faculty Home Ownership Program comparison table.

If you require further information or have any questions regarding UBC’s Faculty Home Ownership Program, please contact info.facultyhousing@ubc.ca.