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UBC Vancouver Faculty Relations Contacts

Name Portfolio
Nicki Hogg
Administrative Assistant
  • meeting bookings
  • status of documents received / processed
  • unpaid appointments
Colette Hogg
Assistant Manager (A-K)
Responsibilities are divided alphabetically by Faculty member last name as follows:

Christine Pickering
Assistant Manager (L-Z)
Nicole Hyatt
Neelu Chauhan
Senior Manager
Provides advice & service to the Faculties of Applied Science, Forestry, and Sauder.

Bekkah Coburn
Senior Manager
Provides advice & service to the Faculties of Science, Land & Food Systems and the Library.

Mark Trowell
Senior Manager
Provides advice & service to the Faculties of Arts, Education and Law:

Andrew Woodhouse
Senior Manager
Provides advice & service to the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Allison Matacheskie
  • responsible for continuing to ensure that Faculty Relations provides Deans, Heads and Directors with advice and service, and to build an excellent relationship with the Faculty Association

UBC Okanagan Faculty Contacts

Name Portfolio
Pauline Brandes
Director, Human Resources, Okanagan
  • Leadership of the HR team at the UBC Okanagan Campus
  • Strategic Planning & Change Management
  • Relationship Building and Partnerships with all stakeholders
  • Organizational, Team and Individual Development Practices
  • Facilitation of Best Practices
George Athans
Manager, HR and Employee Relations, Okanagan
  • Faculty Contract Interpretation & Administration
  • Grievances & Labour Relations
  • Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Faculty Appointments

Paycheque-Related Issues

Questions on paycheque related issues should be directed to the Faculty Service Representatives as follows:

Last names starting with:

Health / Life Insurance Benefits & Pensions

Question on health and life insurance benefits should directed as follows:

Last names starting with:

  •  A-G: 604-827-3212
  •  H-O: 604-827-1738
  •  P-Z: 604-822-8701

For information about the Faculty Pension Plan, please visit the Pensions website.

Other Inquiries

For items not listed above please contact

Mailing Address

UBC Faculty Relations

6th Floor – TEF3
6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Tel: 604-827-1010
Fax: 604-822-8134


Completed paperwork received by Faculty Relations at least 10 working days prior to the Payroll cut-off dates will normally meet the cut-off dates outlined.

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