Minimum Salaries

For the Purpose of Benefits Eligibility

The University requires minimum salaries for the purpose of benefit eligibility.

Faculty, including Clinical Faculty, who are employed on a part-time basis with an appointment of at least 50% time for one year or more, and have a monthly salary equal to or greater than indicated in the table below, are eligible for benefits. Please note that all Sessional Lecturers with 4 month appointments or greater are eligible for benefits.

Unless otherwise indicated, the minimum salary listed below must be regular (REG) earnings.

Effective July 1, 2017 until further notice.

Faculty Appointment Monthly Salary
monthly salary must be met each month in order to be eligible for benefits
  • Professor
$ 4,174
  • Associate Professor
$ 3,476
  • Assistant Professor
$ 2,714
  • Clinical Faculty
$ 2,923
  • Lecturer
$ 2,598
  • Sessional Lecturer
See minimum salary scale
  • Senior Instructor
$ 2,818
  • Instructor
$ 2,716
  • General Librarian
See minimum salary scale
  • Program Director
$ 2,887
  • Research Associate
$ 2,323
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow
$ 1,342 (may be one or a combination of PFL, NUF or REG earnings)
  • Clinical Fellow
$ 1,342

Note: For more information about pay equity for women faculty at UBC Vancouver, please consult the following reports from the DATA and SMART Working Groups:

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