Faculty Salary Increases

Members of the Faculty Association

Salary increases and other economic benefits are negotiated annually by the Faculty Association for all members of the Association. These increases are normally effective July 1.  The current collective agreement is for 2016-2019. For details on the salary increases please see Faculty Salary Increases Implementation Process below.

Salary Increases for Full-Time Members

All full-time academic ranks (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Acting Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Associate Professor of Teaching, Professor of Teaching), Lecturers, Librarians and Program Directors are eligible for negotiated salary increases. Increases may include a general wage increase and amounts for the Career Advancement Plan (aka Progress Through the Ranks), which includes Career Progress, Merit and Performance Salary Adjustment (a provision for redressing anomalies and inequities).

Salary Increases for Part-Time Members and Sessional Lecturers

All part-time members of the Faculty Association are eligible for negotiated salary increases.  Normally the increase is an “across the board” general wage increase.

Faculty Salary Increase Implementation Process

Implementation of the 2020 Increases

The July 1, 2020 increase comprised of a General Wage Increase (GWI) and Progress Through the Ranks (PTR) increases will be processed on the August 15th paycheque.

Salary Increase Components

Tools for Administrators

Faculty Members Covered Only By UBC Policy

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