Administrative Leave

Administrative leaves are granted to faculty administrators to provide a reasonable period of time for administrators who are returning to the academic ranks to focus on their scholarly and professional activities and to re-integrate with their disciplines before they resume their regular duties as faculty members.

After the conclusion of the administrative leave the individual must return to active duty as a faculty member for at least one year immediately after the period of the administrative leave.

For Heads of Academic Units

Terms and conditions of administrative leaves are set out in Policy AP9 – Academic Heads (formerly Policy #22).

For Deans

Terms and conditions of administrative leaves are set out in  Policy AP5 – Deans/Principals Appointment (formerly Policy #21) and in Policy AP8 – Deans Extension (formerly Policy #23).


1. Administrative leave provisions should be clearly set out in the offer letter for the academic administrative position.

2. Please review the documentation required for processing an administrative leave.

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