Selection Criteria

We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 intake for Coaching@UBC’s Coach Internship Program. For instructions on how to apply and to download a copy of the application form click here. The deadline for applications will be 11:59 pm on Sunday, February 2, 2020.

Are you interested in participating in our Coaching Internship Program? Please take a moment to review our criteria.

  • You have completed your probationary period with UBC
  • You are currently enrolled in an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program OR You will be enrolling in an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program during the 2020-2021 fiscal year.
  • You understand the principles of coaching
  • It is preferable if you have:
    • worked with a coach for an extended engagement (i.e. more than a single session);
    • participated in an introductory coaching workshop;
    • adopted or are motivated to adopt an inquiry strengths-based approach in your work and relationships
  • You enjoy working with people and:
    • are a good listener
    • empathetic
    • able to maintain a neutral/objective approach
    • are open minded
    • possess a high degree of integrity.
  • You have demonstrated leadership skills (i.e. have “taken the lead” – not necessarily employed in a formal leadership role at UBC).
  • You pursue ongoing learning as a self-directed learner.
  • You are engaged in volunteer or community activities and/or have 5 to 6 years organizational experience.
  • You are able to adjust your work schedule to allow for a minimum of 4 hours/ month for 1:1 coaching

Ready to begin your application process? Visit our How to Apply page for further instructions.

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