Become a Coach

If your goal is to:

  • practice a coach approach in your workplace
  • become a Certified Coach
  • become a UBC Associate Coach with Coaching@UBC

… Coaching@UBC can connect you to the right resources!

Getting Started

Learn a Coach Approach

A Coach Approach can be as simple as asking a question to encourage a staff member to think through a task, rather than directing or advising them about how it should be done. In an effort to embed this inquiry-based approach in our organization, we are looking to our Certified and Credentialed Coaches and the hundreds of staff and faculty who have participated in our coaching workshops to name and acknowledge a Coach Approach when they see it used in the workplace.

Fundamental coaching skills are offered through the Professional Development at UBC (PD@UBC) and UBC Extended Learning

For more information on learning and development in coaching, please contact

Practice a Coach Approach

“Practicum” programs are a component of all Coaching workshops at UBC. They are intended to help you integrate your learning by providing you the opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe environment. The Coach leading your workshop will review your Practicum options with you. Each workshop will have a different Practicum approach, which may include:

Become a Certified Coach

We have been building our coaching expertise at UBC since we established our coaching program in 2003. We currently have 70 Certified Coaches on our roster providing FREE 1-on-1 professional coaching to over two hundred UBC staff and faculty each year. Whether you are just “getting started”, have years of non-accredited coaching experience, or are a fully Certified Coach, here are developmental opportunities you can pursue:

Become a UBC Coach

Join our UBC Community of Certified Coaches. View information on applying to become a UBC Coach.

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