Below is a list of resources available for you consider your career at UBC and complete your Career Development Plan.

UBC Mission & Vision

Place & Promise: The UBC strategic plan addresses the vision and values of the university it provides a roadmap of how it intends meeting its goals and objectives. UBC makes specific promises in this plan, not mere declarations of aspiration but concrete commitments to act. Becoming familiar with the UBC plan will allow you to acknowledge the mission and values of UBC and perhaps align them with your personal mission and values.

People Resources

Coaching @ UBC: using a coach can help you clarify your current situation, align with your values, set smart goals, create self-awareness, and hold you accountable for your actions . UBC has a coaching program what can assist staff and faculty. It’s free – Any UBC employee can have free access to an Accredited coach, by following a simple 4-step process.

Life and Career Development with UBC Extended Learning: UBC Extended Learning offer a full range of career counselling and coaching services, aptitude tests, courses, and workshops to  adults in all stages of life. The  professional counsellors, consultants, and instructors support and guide you in assessing your skills, interests and strengths, and exploring career paths to achieve your personal and career goals. Many of the courses offered here may be eligible for payment using UBC tuition waivers or Funding for Employee Development.

Your Manager/Supervisor: may be a good resource to discuss opportunities within your current job family.

People Who Know You Well: sometimes we just need to talk to people who know us well to keep us grounded and act as brainstorming partners.

Human Resources: Talking to a human resources advisor may be a good starting point: click on this link to find the Human Resources professional for your area.

Employee and Family Assistant Program: (EFAP) is a confidential counseling service that can help you or your family members with any personal problem, big or small, that affects your family life, your work life or your general well-being.

Navigating Careers @ UBC

UBC Job Families: Staff appointments at UBC are designated by employee group, and broken down into job families.

Careers at UBC: The careers at UBC page may provide you with some great ideas for where you might want to take your career. By perusing the vacancies you may get some ideas as to what skills /requirements are needed for various positions within UBC.

Career Connect: Search for jobs on career connect: login with your CWL and you will see a description of the job, the skills required, the skills you will gain and how to apply to the job. You will need to have your resume uploaded to Career Connect before you can apply to the jobs.

Information Technology Career Framework: The IT Career Framework Project will develop a series of IT career ladders based on standardized M&P IT position descriptions and a set of common competencies shared across five pilot IT groups. The participating IT groups include MED-IT, OLT, IT Okanagan, UBC-IT and the Library and is jointly sponsored by UBC-IT and central HR.

Hiring Solutions: Hiring Solutions, a division of UBC Human Resources, provides UBC units and associated hospitals with skilled, professional temporary staff at all levels of expertise.

Funding Opportunities

Tuition Waivers: The UBC tuition fee waiver provides eligible staff and faculty with tuition assistance for approved undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as non-credit courses offered through UBC Extended Learning.

Funding for Employee Development: As part of the University’s commitment to an outstanding work environment, as outlined in Place and Promise, UBC’s strategic plan, we seek to provide our faculty and staff with improved access to professional development opportunities. UBC Human Resources administers professional development funds for several employee groups at UBC. Click on the above link to explore our professional funding opportunities.

Additional Resources

Resume & Letter Writing: UBC Student Services offer tip sheets, sample resumes, and cover letters. Although these are aimed at students they are good resources for everyone.

UBC Library: The Library has 21 branches and divisions, including on- and off-campus locations and its Okanagan campus location. This might be a great resource to search for books or articles in respect to your career.