Benefits & Salary

UBC’s Total Compensation Philosophy

UBC is consistently rated as one of the top employers in the province. While salary is one of the most significant elements of the work experience – in essence the foundation – there are many other important elements of the total work experience, such as benefits, pensions, leaves, working conditions, and the nature of UBC itself, including its reputation and values.


UBC is proud to offer a wide ranging benefits plan that includes Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage, extended health, dental coverage, and more depending on your employee group.

See Benefits for more information.

Salary Administration

Salary administration at UBC is conducted by two HR units: Compensation for staff appointments, and Faculty Relations for all faculty appointments.

See Salary Administration for Staff, or Faculty Compensation.

Salary Scales

UBC HR’s Compensation team conduct regular surveys with other employers about the competitiveness of UBC’s salaries and overall compensation.

See Salary Scales for more information.

Staff Job Families

Staff appointments at UBC are designated by employee group, and broken down into job families.

See Staff Job Families for more information.


Through its two pension plans – the Faculty Pension Plan (FPP) and the Staff Pension Plan (SPP) – UBC is committed to helping faculty and staff create financial security in retirement.

See Pensions for more information.