UBC Thrive

UBC Thrive is  a mindset and a week-long series of events focused on helping everyone at UBC explore their path to mental health.

Mental health literacy is key component to building the mental health and resilience of UBC’s people and communities. It involves understanding how to obtain and maintain positive mental health, understanding mental disorders and their treatments, decreasing stigma related to mental disorders, and understanding how to seek help effectively 1.

Thrive promotes mental health literacy for all at UBC by:

  • Promoting knowledge of mental health and how to foster and maintain it
  • Reflecting and celebrating the diversity of experiences related to mental health at UBC
  • Ensuring our actions and communications are informed by evidence in the field of mental health

Learn more

  • Visit thrive.ubc.ca for information about the week-long events that is held annually, the first week of November.
  • Check out our mental health resources to equip you with a wide range of tools and strategies in support of mental health for UBC staff, faculty and postdocs.

1 Kutcher et al., 2016, p.155; Whitley, Smith, & Vaillancourt, 2012; Whitley & Gooderham, 2016