Stay at Work/Return to Work Program

At the current time the Stay at Work | Return to Work program is operating virtually. Return to Work Advisors are available via telephone or email to support faculty and staff who are managing a medical impairment or disability. Find your RTW Advisor by your faculty or unit.

The Stay at Work/Return to Work Program provides injured or ill UBC faculty and staff with information and services. This program offers employees the support they need to keep working or return to work while managing a medical impairment or disability.

Find your Return to Work Advisor.

Support for employees

The Stay at Work/Return to Work Program can help you if you are currently:

  • Off work due to an illness or injury and you are ready to begin a gradual return to work starting with transitional duties and/or schedule, or
  • Working, but have been finding work challenging due to a medical condition or impairment.

Information for supervisors

Our team also offers information for managers, supervisors, human resources professionals and members of unions or professional associations who are working with an ill or injured faculty or staff member.

Please contact us to learn more about your responsibilities for accommodating employees as well as best practices when managing a Stay at Work/Return to Work situation.

The program

The Stay at Work/Return to Work Program offers:

  • Early intervention, support and advice when a short or long-term workplace medical accommodation is required,
  • Assistance with modifying an employee’s job demands while they are dealing with an illness, injury or chronic medical condition, and
  • Advice to all stakeholders involved in the medical accommodation process (employees, managers, department heads, supervisors, human resources, members of unions and professional associations).

Our program is voluntary, with the exception of WorkSafeBC claims or when an individual is returning to work after being on a long-term disability claim and receiving benefit payments through the Income Replacement Plan or Disability Benefit Plan.

Our services

The Stay at Work/Return to Work Program has experienced and professional Return to Work Advisors who provide a customized approach to each accommodation request. A Return to Work Advisor will:

  • Answer questions you may have about managing an illness, injury or other medical condition/impairment in the workplace.
  • Explain the general benefits you may be able to receive during a sick leave.
  • Communicate with physicians and clinicians in writing to collect medical restriction information to help plan your return to work.
  • Advise your manager, department or other key stakeholders that you require a medical accommodation, and work with all involved parties to develop and implement an appropriate plan.
  • Provide ongoing support throughout your Stay at Work/Return to Work program.
  • Only share your personal information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act section 26 (c).

OrionHealth Support  Services

UBC HR has partnered with leading healthcare services provider OrionHealth Vancouver to  pilot a new program that helps UBC faculty and staff return to or remain at work in a safe and gradual way. Employees who are currently enrolled in a Stay at Work/Return to Work Program will be referred to OrionHealth by a Return to Work Advisor. For more information, visit our OrionHealth Pilot Program page.


Referrals to the Stay at Work/Return to Work Program can be made by employees, managers, directors and deans as well as human resources professionals or unions and professional associations.

Find your Return to Work Advisor.