Occupational & Preventive Health

At the current time Occupational & Preventive Health (OPH) is operating virtually. In-person appointments are unavailable until further notice. Nurse and physician appointments are available via telephone. OPH programs and services remain available to all staff, faculty, and paid students who have questions or concerns about their health and safety in the workplace, including questions around COVID-19.

To book an appointment with one of our nurses, please contact OPH at oph.info@ubc.ca or 604-827-4713.

If you believe you require assessment for COVID-19 please use the Support App and Self-Assessment Tool, developed by the BC Ministry of Health. Evidence-based and current information on COVID-19 can be accessed through the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Updated: May 19, 2020 5:50 PM​​


The Occupational & Preventive Health Unit provides services and programs to help UBC employees manage potential risks in the workplace.

Our free and confidential services include vaccinations and occupational health screenings, as well as support services for UBC’s respiratory protection program and a hearing conservation program.

You need to enrol in the Occupational & Preventive Health program if your work at UBC involves potential risk factors. For example, you must enrol with us if your work exposes you to animal species, infectious biological agents, or human blood or body fluids. You also need to enrol if you work as a first aid attendant or in a child care setting or hospital or clinical facility.

If your job exposes you to potential risk factors described above, you will need to enrol in the Occupational & Preventive Health program by contacting us to set up an appointment. During the appointment you will meet with our occupational health nurse during your working hours to learn about the recommended services and programs available to you free of charge.

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Our services

Occupational & Preventive Health offers the following free and confidential services to employees in a clinical setting:

  • Immunization reviews and vaccinations
  • Occupational health screenings
  • Support services for UBC’s respiratory protection program and hearing conservation program
  • Consultation with the Occupational Health Nurse who may refer to the Occupational Health Physician as needed
  • Advice and education about health and safety issues in the workplace
  • Referrals to Risk Management Services for consultations about safety concerns in the workplace
  • Pregnancy planning resources

Our team will also send you reminders about when you are due for updated vaccinations, annual health screenings or tests. We will continue to send you reminders while you are employed at UBC.

Contact OPH at oph.info@ubc.ca.

Why is Occupational & Preventive Health important?

UBC’s Focus on People commits to supporting the development of a healthy and sustainable workplace. The services we provide support this goal. For some workers, enrolment in the Occupational & Preventive Health program is required by the provincial and/or federal regulations described below:

  • WorkSafeBC Regulation 6.39 states that an employer must offer vaccination to all workers who are at risk of occupational exposure to biological agents for which there is a vaccine that prevents against infection.
  • The Canadian Biosafety Standards & Guidelines state that a medical surveillance program must be in place to help prevent and detect illnesses related to the exposure of personnel to infectious material or toxins.