Office Ergonomics

We Your office workstation should fit you. Ergo your office today!


Office Ergonomic Resources

Working from home ergonomics

Online resources are available to help you set-up your home office workstation

Virtual ergo assessments are available. Contact to arrange your assessment.


Ergo Your Office Online Guide

A step by step guide on how to set up your workstation ergonomically. This section includes setting up a sit-stand workstation and a traditional seated  workstation


Sit-Stand Desks

A guide to set up your height adjustable workstation ergonomically, purchasing guidelines for height adjustable desks and platforms, our sit-stand demo program and sit-stand medical accommodation process.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Step 1. Talk to your  Manager

If you are experiencing pain or difficulties when working at your computer this should be brought forward to the attention of your Manager to determine available options within your department.


Step 2.  Office Ergonomics Training

Join us for our monthly Ergo Your Office  and Introductions to Sit-Stand Desk  sessions. These sessions are free and are for all UBC faculty and staff. Register online.


 Step 3.  Consult with  a  Department  Office Ergo Rep

Consult with a trained Dept. Office Ergo Rep.  If your department does not have a  rep, free training is offered every other month.


Step 4.  Contact the Ergonomics Program

Tried the above and still having concerns? Email  UBC’s Ergonomics Program to register for an online assessment.

We will review your responses to determine the next steps. If there is an obvious solution, such as getting a footrest, we will contact you and your supervisor to discuss equipment options, feasibility and implementation, or, if necessary, we will arrange an onsite assessment with you. After the assessment, both you and your supervisor will receive a copy of the report and recommendations. Purchasing decisions and implementation timelines are the determined by the  department.


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