Retiring at UBC

Tools to Plan Your Retirement

Retirement can mean different things to different people and can bring up a variety of emotions. As a transition in the employee life cycle, we understand how important it is that you have the tools to plan your retirement.

Your Pension

Visit the UBC Pensions website to learn more about your pension benefits upon retirement.

Health Benefits After Retirement

See the Benefits section of the UBC HR website for information on what happens to your benefits after retirement. There is one retirement health plan available to both retired faculty and staff members – the Retirement & Survivor Benefits program.

Life Insurance

When you retire, you have the option of converting your life insurance from UBC group plan to an individual plan. For more information, visit the Life Insurance Conversion on Retirement page.

Financial Advice

Through UBC’s EFAP Provider, you can access counsellors to help make better informed spending, saving and debt management decisions. The combination of comprehensive assessments, personalized information packages, and/or consultation with a Financial Counselor will help employees make intelligent, informed, and calculated decisions regarding how to best manage their money and debt.  Visit the UBC EFAP page for more information and how to make an appointment.

Faculty-Specific Retirement Resources

Visit UBC Faculty Relations’ website for more information on retirement resources available to you.

Working Past Normal Retirement?

Changes to Mandatory Retirement

In January 2008, changes were made to BC legislation which has had an impact on mandatory retirement for BC employees. These changes has affected retirement options for faculty and staff.

Working Past Normal Retirement Date (NRD)

If you plan to work past age 65, your benefits coverage may be impacted. Visit the Benefits section of this website to learn more about your benefits while working past normal retirement date.