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Thank you for joining UBC! You are now part of the vibrant community that makes UBC one of the top 20 public universities in the world.

UBC is a global centre for research, teaching and learning, but we are also known for our sense of community. This is a great place to work because everyone has the opportunity to collaborate, inspire and support one another. We can’t wait for you to share and shape your experience at UBC.


UBC is a vibrant and inspirational place

During your first few months at UBC, you will experience this community first-hand. We want to help you settle into your new role and explore the UBC community in a positive way.


We want to be partners in your success

You’re a self-starter, and we are here to help you get your bearings. That’s why we’ve created this orientation site to help you succeed - step by step.


There’s always something new to learn,
 and opportunities for growth.

We’re committed to helping you grow professionally, on and off campus. We want to help you excel in your role and as a person.

Let’s get to know each other

As part of your orientation experience, we’ve prepared a series of resources to help you as you familiarize yourself with your new workplace. In the beginning, there can be a lot to take in, but we want you to be inspired by the community you’ve joined and learn from others who have thrived here.

What makes this community unique?

At UBC, students, staff and faculty come together to make up the UBC experience, making this a vibrant place to learn and grow. Take a look at some of these stories and be inspired about some of the breakthroughs that have emerged from our university.

One-on-one with Gail Murphy

It is extremely important that we are a research-intensive university. It binds us together as a community of researchers and scholars, who value generating new knowledge about our world....It informs our approach to learning environments and enables our students to see that it is possible to change the world.

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A welcome message from UBC President, Prof. Santa Ono

I’d like to welcome you to UBC, one of the most vibrant and inspirational places of learning and research in the world. Thank you for choosing UBC – we’re so glad that you’re here.

30-Second Bio with Bud Mortenson

My top UBC tip for someone beginning their UBC journey: Get involved. There’s no better way to meet people than volunteering or taking part in the many activities at UBC. Help out with the United Way campaign or at Thrive events, for example. We advise students to get involved and take advantage of all UBC has to offer; the same applies to those of us working at UBC – you’ll get to know your colleagues and make a difference in the community. Read more.

The value of engagement with Darren Dahl

We get engaged in different ways depending on who we are. For some people, it’s doing the job in a state where you’re just really into it, sometimes called flow, and bringing research to fruition at the highest level possible. ‘Showing up’ can also be getting involved in events and opportunities, or getting involved with students’ extracurricular activities and mentoring them. Read more.

Thriving with Liz Hudson (UBC Press)

I thrive because I love to learn and connect with others. At UBC we have so many opportunities to do activities, interact with others and learn new things. I’m really grateful for an office environment that is positive and supportive.

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One-on-one with Rehan Sadiq

UBC has an outward look rather than an inward look, and we reach out to the community both locally and globally. We recognize that it’s much more than operating a financially viable university. There is something bigger at stake, and we’re reaching out and addressing the problems that really matter to society.

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