Professional Development at UBC



Professional Development Workshops are available to support the ongoing learning needs of UBC employees by providing a range of UBC specific job-related personal and professional skills training. These in-person, at-cost professional development workshops are geared to enhance and improve your effectiveness at work, as well as to support your career and personal development.

Discover our upcoming professional development learning opportunities by visiting the Workplace Learning Ecosystem and search ‘PD’.

All fee-based workshops are PD Funds eligible.

Contact and let us connect you to the right learning opportunity suitable to your needs.

Anytime Online Courses

Courses through LinkedIn Learning can help you learn tech, creative, and workplace business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Visit LinkedIn Learning for ‘anytime’ e-learning. UBC staff and faculty have free CWL access to the online library of tutorials, courses and learning paths.

Further Learning

To continue your learning journey explore professional associations, local events and prominent speakers in your line of work that may offer online or in-person learning.