Leadership Programs


The purpose of the following leadership programs is to further a dialogue around the very meaning of leadership at UBC. What we believe about leadership has a profound influence on what we do as leaders and how we enact leadership.

Academic Leadership Development Program

This one year program is designed to prepare and provide a leadership development program for Heads and Directors in their administrative roles so as to enhance and contribute to their effectiveness and personal satisfaction in such roles. Full program details are available at http://www.aldp.ubc.ca/.

Community Leadership Program

In UBC’s Community Leadership Program, open to all UBC staff and graduate students, participants explore ideas about leadership through a series of workshops and work with students to complete short-term projects in not-for-profit organizations and schools in the community. In addition to learning about leadership, part of your role in this program is to also help UBC students cultivate their own leadership and understand how their academic courses relate to real community issues. Full program details are available at http://clp.ubc.ca.

Managing at UBC Program

The Managing at UBC Program is open to M&P staff who have staff reporting directly to them and is designed to support them in their first year, recognizing the significant responsibility they hold for employee performance and engagement and achievement of unit goals. By participating in this program, new managers will feel supported in working towards their full potential and have a broadened understanding of their role in managing people. Because the program uses a self-directed learning model, new managers will be able to identify and develop their learning goals from a menu of resources provided to help them fulfill their roles. Full program details are available at http://www.hr.ubc.ca/managing-at-ubc/.