Explore Conflict Theatre as an Individual

Conflict theatre is offered to individuals for personal and professional development. It provides a unique opportunity to rehearse courage, apply new strategies to real problems, and practice difficult conversations in the workplace.

The benefits of Conflict Theatre include:

  • Strengthening empathy and understanding for multiple perspectives within conflict
  • Fostering a curiosity-driven approach to conflict, rather than one that is confrontational, fearful, or defensive
  • Gaining a better understanding of how conflict arises, what keeps it going, and how to help navigate conflict
  • Encouraging self-reflection to better understand your own emotions, context, perspective and patterns during conflict
  • Joining a community of colleagues interested in changing campus culture regarding conflict

Current opportunities for professional and personal development include:

Rehearsing Conflict Summer Intensive

Join a diverse cohort from across UBC to learn a new approach to conflict. Participants explore what is holding them back from communicating authentically and productively during workplace conflict and then practice new strategies in a safe space.

How it works:

  • All UBC employees are eligible, participation is free, and no acting experience is required
  • Forum theatre games and exercises are used to explore conflict in the UBC workplace
  • Participants collaborate to create plays about workplace conflict based on their experiences
  • On the final day, participants perform the new plays for the UBC community, creating a venue for building our collective capacity for engaging with conflict on campus

The 2019 workshop series took place June 13-20, 2019.

Public Performances & Workshops

Throughout the year, Conflict Theatre offers performances and workshops that are open to the general UBC public. When these occur, they will be listed below. To receive notification of a new public event, please email conflict.theatre@ubc.ca to join our mailing list.

Community of Practice (CoP) Sessions

Have you already participated in a Conflict Theatre intensive or workshop? Join our Community of Practice! Contact conflict.theatre@ubc.ca to join the group.

The Community of Practices offers sessions throughout the year, at least twice a term, for members to get together and dive deeper into the practice of Conflict Theatre. As members build their skills, they may also go out into the community to apply what they’ve learned in the form of performances and skill development sessions for other UBC units and departments.

For members interested in advanced training, there is an opportunity to pursue training as a “joker,” a facilitator for workshops and performances.

For more information about our individual professional development opportunities, please contact us at conflict.theatre@ubc.ca.