Research Associates Professional Development Fund

Funding is available to support the professional development of Research Associates at UBC. For the purposes of this funding program, professional development is defined as those learning activities that enhance the knowledge, performance or career progression of a Research Associate’s work at the University.

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Important Notice: 

Current Two Year Funding Period: 2018-2020 (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020)

Claim Submission Deadline:  Claims allocated to the 2018-2020 funding cycle must be submitted by March 31, 2020.

If you have recently made a submission to the fund, you can monitor the status of your claim through the Faculty & Staff Self-Service portal. Claim details are provided via the “Staff PD” tab .


How to Apply for Reimbursement

COVID-19 related temporary measure: Submit your PD Fund claim by email.  Please follow these temporary instructions to submit your claim to 

Review the guidelines provided below and complete a PD Expense Claim Form (pdf).

Use campus mail or hand deliver your claim form and required supporting documents to:

Human Resources – PD Funding Programs
600 – 6190 Agronomy Road (Tef3)
Vancouver Campus, V6T 1Z3


Eligible Employees

All Research Associates (RAs) in paid appointments are eligible to access this funding program. Honorary Research Associates are not eligible.

Login to Faculty & Staff Self-Service (navigate to the Staff PD tab) to confirm your personal eligibility, current available balance and claim history for the current funding period.

Funding Amount & Period

As a Research Associate (RA) at UBC  you may access a maximum of $2,000 in professional development related expense reimbursements over a defined two-year funding period. All RAs are eligible as of date of hire with no pro-ration of funding amounts.

If by the end of the funding period, you still have an unused balance from this current funding period, this amount will be forfeited and will not carry forward into the next funding period.

Current Two Year Funding Period: 2018-2020 (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020)

To access up to $2,000 applicable to the current period, the following conditions apply:

  • Your claim must be for expenses you’ve paid within the previous 12 months and can be associated with activities that have already occurred or are scheduled to occur in the coming months.
  • You may register and submit a PD expense claim this current funding period for a learning activity that will occur next funding period. However, you can not split and allocate a portion of an individual expense such as a single workshop registration fee to this current period and the next.
  • You may submit a claim for a conference registration fee and some associated travel expenses this period and another claim for the remaining travel expenses next funding period.
  • Your PD activity must occur (or have occurred) while you are actively employed as a Research Associate at UBC. If you are submitting a claim related to a PD activity that is scheduled to occur after your current appointment term end date, you must include written confirmation from your supervising faculty member that confirms your department’s intention to extend your term appointment as an RA.
  • If you submit an incomplete claim form or do not provide the required supporting documentation, we will not be able to process your reimbursement.

Please note:

This funding program is subject to an overall budget cap and is dependent on the ongoing availability of annual provincial funding. If the overall budget cap is reached in any particular 2-year period, the fund will be closed to submissions until the start of the next funding period.

The professional development expense reimbursements provided to you through this funding program are not taxed and as such, should not be used towards an educational tax credit on your personal tax return.

Eligible Professional Development Expenses

Expenses must be related to professional development activities that enhance the knowledge, performance, or career progression of your work at the University. This funding may not be used for any other purpose and is non-transferable.

Eligible expenses typically include:

  • Registration fees for meetings of professional organizations, conferences, seminars, workshops and other similar activities;
  • Travel expenses related to your attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars, and other similar activities (applies only to out-of-town travel expenses based on Policy FM8 – Business Expenses (formerly Policy #83) and related documents);
  • Membership fees for professional organizations;
  • Fees and subscriptions for professional journals, books and online resources;
  • Tuition fees for courses, certificates, and programs

Ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Any activity or travel taken to fulfill required work-related responsibilities;
  • Any activity or travel taken for recreational or personal interest purposes;
  • Local travel within the Lower Mainland;
  • Home or mobile internet and phone services/plans
  • Courier fees;
  • Application software purchases or licensing (however training to learn how to use a particular software program is an eligible expense);
  • Fixed assets such as computers, tablets, mobile devices, research equipment or office furniture.

If you are unsure of the eligibility of your planned activity, please contact us at for additional assistance prior to submitting a claim.

This program is not intended to substitute for department funds currently spent on the development of Research Associates.

Reimbursement Options and Required Documentation

There are two PD expense claim reimbursement options available to you through this funding program.

Reimbursement to you: This is applicable when you’ve paid the upfront expenses using your own money. Your claim will be reimbursed through an electronic funds transfer directly into your bank account.

Reimbursement to your UBC department: This is applicable when you have used some form UBC department /grant money to initially pay your PD expenses (typically when a UBC Credit Card has been used) In this case, your claim will be processed as an internal funds transfer to your department SpeedChart by journal voucher (JV).

To receive your reimbursement, you will need to submit a completed PD expense claim form along with the applicable supporting documents as described below:

Basic Documentation Requirements

  1. PD Expense Claim Form completed in full;
  2. Proof of expense payment (receipt or statement of account showing a zero balance);
  3. Proof of registration showing your name, name of the activity and dates;
  4. If travel expenses are being claimed, include proof of registration in the related conference;
  5. Proof of exchange rate for any PD activity paid for in a foreign currency (credit card statement printout of conversion to CAD);

Additional Documentation Required for Reimbursements to your department

Please request assistance from your unit’s financial or administrative manager for this required information

  1. Proof of original payment by your department (this could include a copy of UBC credit card statement page or a copy of the initial Q-Req/Travel-Req, or OPT Summary print out)
  2. Provide your department SpeedChart and preferred expense account code(s) on the claim form for the internal Journal Voucher funds transfer.

Claim Review Process

All PD expense claim forms require an authorizing signature from either your Supervising Faculty Member (when applicable) or your Academic Unit Head before you submit your claim to Human Resources for reimbursement.

The PD Fund Coordinators in UBC Human Resources will review your submitted PD Expense claim to ensure it:

  • is within your available individual funding limit;
  • is consistent with the program guidelines;
  • includes all required signatures, receipts and back-up documentation.

Submitted claims that do not meet the above criteria will be declined RA PD funding support by Human Resources.

You will receive a confirmation email once your claim has been reviewed and processed. Please note that the reimbursement process may take up to 10 business days. Your reimbursement will be delayed if you submit an incomplete claim.

You can check the current status of your submitted claim online through the Faculty & Staff Self-Service (navigate to the Staff PD tab)

If there is a disagreement with respect to the eligibility of an expense that is not addressed by the program guidelines, the matter will be referred to the VP Research & International and the VP Human Resources (or designates ) who are empowered to decide upon the eligibility of the claimed expense at their discretion. Their decision will be final and binding on all parties and there will be no further appeal.

Contact Us

 General Questions – Emma Brazel, Workplace Learning Associate,  Human Resources, at or 604-822-6314

Additional Support – Susanna Mulligan,  Professional Development Funds Manager, Human Resources at or 604-822-9273