Submit faculty and staff PD Funds claims via email

Effective immediately, professional development fund claims from staff and faculty will be accepted over email, until further notice.

Please take note of the following before submitting your claim:

  • Send your claim form and all receipts as one (1) attachment or PDF
  • In order to protect sensitive data, provide only the first 4 digits of your employee ID on your claim form
  • Include a digital signature or manager email approval for your claim

In light of current events and cancellations, we ask that you make sure any activities/travel that you book are 100% refundable.

Further updates will be shared as available – stay tuned!

Visit the PD Funds page for more information.

Faculty and Staff Appointment Forms: moving paper processes to Workspace


All faculty appointment forms and staff appointment forms are now being submitted online. You are not required to submit original documents. Any paperwork submitted to Human Resources before March 17 will be processed as it arrives. There is no need to duplicate this in Workspace.

To ensure payroll continuity and to ensure privacy with personal data in paperwork, please follow the guidelines below.

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Faculty appointment forms

Effective immediately, paperwork for faculty appointments should be submitted to Faculty Relations via Workspace – do not use email.

Each Dean’s Office has a Workspace sub-directory shared with Faculty Relations, and a sub-directory has been added for 2020 March paperwork. Departments should use their Dean’s Office sub-directory.

Additional guidelines:

  • Dean’s Offices should upload forms and documentation in one (1) combined PDF file.
  • File names should be in the following format:
    • For tenure-stream appointments: “Last Name, First Name – Load Date”
    • For non-tenure stream appointments, also indicate what type of term appointment: “Last Name, First Name – Load Date – Res Assoc”.
  • If you cannot physically obtain signatures, include notations as follows:
    • The Department creating the Word file should add a Comment stating that the Dept Head has provided approval; and
    • The Dean’s Office should add a similar note indicating that the Dean or Dean’s Delegation has provided approval.
  • If you need to include additional notations (e.g. an email confirming approval by the Head that can be added to the submission), include this in the PDF.

Faculty Relations will review the forms/packages, and will forward them to Payroll.

If you have any questions please reach out to Faculty Relations.

Staff appointment forms and other transactions

Effective immediately, all transactions should be submitted via the ePAF system.

Transfer and multi-line transaction SAFs that would typically be submitted in paper form will now be submitted via Workspace. Please contact your HR Associate who will then create a Workspace folder where you will be able to upload your form.

Additional guidelines:

  • Upload the SAF and documentation in a one (1) combined PDF file.
  • File names should be in the following format: “4DigitDeptCode-Last Name, First Name-Load date”.
  • If you cannot obtain the signatures on the SAFs due to current work arrangements, an email trail confirming details and/or approval should be included in the PDF.

The HR Admin Assistant will review and approve the forms and will forward them to Payroll.

If you have any questions please reach out to your HR Associate.

Updates on HR services and operations

As UBC navigates though COVID-19, Human Resources will make every effort to continue to provide support to faculty and staff. Our teams are transitioning to remote work, including changes to:

Changes to Compensation operations

The Compensation team transitioned to working remotely, however there will be no change to the work and the level of customer service. The team is making adjustments to accommodate this temporary work arrangement with no disruptions to the clients.

Changes to Benefits operations

The Benefits team continues normal services during this time and will be responding to all benefits inquiries in a timely manner. Please send all the internal inquiries from UBC staff to appropriate email addresses.

  • All external and general inquiries should be directed to the appropriate benefits team members or the Benefits email.
  • The benefits team is available for calls and emails Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.
  • For all urgent inquiries please contact Linda Casey or Janet McHugh.

Changes to Workplace Wellbeing

The Workplace Wellbeing team is now taking all inquiries through email, and exploring opportunities to offer online and webinar health and wellbeing workshops. Stay tuned!

Changes to Workplace Health Services

At this time, Occupational & Preventive Health (OPH) will be conducting only telephone appointments, with the exception of urgent and critical vaccinations. The Ergonomics team will be doing phone and video chat assessments when possible, while in-person assessments will be done only for high-priority groups.

Changes to Pension Office operations

The UBC Pension Administration Office is operating through email and phone only. Staff are available by email and are checking their voicemails regularly. In-person visits are temporarily suspended. Please refer to the following notices for information on how to contact the Pension office during this time:

Changes to Investigations Office operations

The Investigations Office continues to serve staff, faculty and students on both campuses, as usual. Operationally, the office has made adjustments to conduct investigation processes using conferencing and online platforms, and continues to respond to all inquiries via email and phone as usual.

The impartial and neutral investigations provided in response to complaints of sexual misconduct (UBC Policy SC17) and discrimination (UBC Policy SC7) have not changed.

For any questions, please contact Shelley Ball, Director of Investigations.