Submit faculty and staff PD Funds claims via email

Effective immediately, professional development fund claims from staff and faculty will be accepted over email, until further notice.

Please take note of the following before submitting your claim:

  • Send your claim form and all receipts as one (1) attachment or PDF
  • In order to protect sensitive data, provide only the first 4 digits of your employee ID on your claim form
  • Include a digital signature or manager email approval for your claim

In light of current events and cancellations, we ask that you make sure any activities/travel that you book are 100% refundable.

Further updates will be shared as available – stay tuned!

Visit the PD Funds page for more information.

Faculty and Staff Appointment Forms: moving paper processes to Workspace


All faculty appointment forms and staff appointment forms are now being submitted online. You are not required to submit original documents. Any paperwork submitted to Human Resources before March 17 will be processed as it arrives. There is no need to duplicate this in Workspace.

To ensure payroll continuity and to ensure privacy with personal data in paperwork, please follow the guidelines below.

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Faculty appointment forms

Effective immediately, paperwork for faculty appointments should be submitted to Faculty Relations via Workspace – do not use email.

Each Dean’s Office has a Workspace sub-directory shared with Faculty Relations, and a sub-directory has been added for 2020 March paperwork. Departments should use their Dean’s Office sub-directory.

Additional guidelines:

  • Dean’s Offices should upload forms and documentation in one (1) combined PDF file.
  • File names should be in the following format:
    • For tenure-stream appointments: “Last Name, First Name – Load Date”
    • For non-tenure stream appointments, also indicate what type of term appointment: “Last Name, First Name – Load Date – Res Assoc”.
  • If you cannot physically obtain signatures, include notations as follows:
    • The Department creating the Word file should add a Comment stating that the Dept Head has provided approval; and
    • The Dean’s Office should add a similar note indicating that the Dean or Dean’s Delegation has provided approval.
  • If you need to include additional notations (e.g. an email confirming approval by the Head that can be added to the submission), include this in the PDF.

Faculty Relations will review the forms/packages, and will forward them to Payroll.

If you have any questions please reach out to Faculty Relations.

Staff appointment forms and other transactions

Effective immediately, all transactions should be submitted via the ePAF system.

Transfer and multi-line transaction SAFs that would typically be submitted in paper form will now be submitted via Workspace. Please contact your HR Associate who will then create a Workspace folder where you will be able to upload your form.

Additional guidelines:

  • Upload the SAF and documentation in a one (1) combined PDF file.
  • File names should be in the following format: “4DigitDeptCode-Last Name, First Name-Load date”.
  • If you cannot obtain the signatures on the SAFs due to current work arrangements, an email trail confirming details and/or approval should be included in the PDF.

The HR Admin Assistant will review and approve the forms and will forward them to Payroll.

If you have any questions please reach out to your HR Associate.

Updates on HR services and operations

As UBC navigates though COVID-19, Human Resources will make every effort to continue to provide support to faculty and staff. Our teams are transitioning to remote work, including changes to:

Changes to Compensation operations

The Compensation team transitioned to working remotely, however there will be no change to the work and the level of customer service. The team is making adjustments to accommodate this temporary work arrangement with no disruptions to the clients.

Changes to Benefits operations

The Benefits team continues normal services during this time and will be responding to all benefits inquiries in a timely manner. Please send all the internal inquiries from UBC staff to appropriate email addresses.

  • All external and general inquiries should be directed to the appropriate benefits team members or the Benefits email.
  • The benefits team is available for calls and emails Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.
  • For all urgent inquiries please contact Linda Casey or Janet McHugh.

Changes to Workplace Wellbeing

The Workplace Wellbeing team is now taking all inquiries through email, and exploring opportunities to offer online and webinar health and wellbeing workshops. Stay tuned!

Changes to Workplace Health Services

At this time, Occupational & Preventive Health (OPH) will be conducting only telephone appointments, with the exception of urgent and critical vaccinations. The Ergonomics team will be doing phone and video chat assessments when possible, while in-person assessments will be done only for high-priority groups.

Changes to Pension Office operations

The UBC Pension Administration Office is operating through email and phone only. Staff are available by email and are checking their voicemails regularly. In-person visits are temporarily suspended. Please refer to the following notices for information on how to contact the Pension office during this time:

Changes to Investigations Office operations

The Investigations Office continues to serve staff, faculty and students on both campuses, as usual. Operationally, the office has made adjustments to conduct investigation processes using conferencing and online platforms, and continues to respond to all inquiries via email and phone as usual.

The impartial and neutral investigations provided in response to complaints of sexual misconduct (UBC Policy SC17) and discrimination (UBC Policy SC7) have not changed.

For any questions, please contact Shelley Ball, Director of Investigations.

Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8

Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8

Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour on Sunday morning.

Bargaining Bulletin #8

A joint communique from the University of British Columbia and the UBC Faculty Association

We are pleased to announce that the Collective Agreement between the UBCFA and UBC, July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022, has been ratified by both parties. A copy of the Agreement will be posted to our respective websites as soon as it is finalized.

The Parties worked hard to achieve this Agreement and we believe it that contains many improvements that will benefit both the Faculty Association membership and the University.


Santa J. Ono, President, University of British Columbia

Bronwen Sprout, President, UBC Faculty Association

For more information, visit

T4/T4A slips are now available online

UBC issues tax slips online as PDFs that are identical to the printed form and are accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when filing your taxes.

Faculty, staff, and student employees can now download their 2019 T4 and/or T4A statements for their tax returns via the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal.

For more information on your taxes or obtaining your tax slips, please visit:

2019 Workplace Experience Survey Pulse results are now available

2019 Workplace Experience Survey Pulse results are now available

3,283 faculty and staff participated in the 2019 Workplace Experiences Survey (WES) Pulse. They survey findings offer insights into areas that were identified as the top drivers of engagement in the 2017 WES, and that align with the priorities woven into Focus on People 2025: inclusion, leadership, professional growth, and wellbeing.

The overall 2019 WES pulse results will inform many of the Focus on People 2025 metrics reported to the UBC community in the annual FOP 2025 update, which provides progress on making UBC an inspiring place to work.

The results also provide a snapshot of areas of strength and opportunity heading into the next Workplace Experiences Survey.

Interested in sharing your feedback on other aspects of the UBC experience? Sign up for the UBC Open Minds Forum.

View the 2019 Workplace Experiences Survey Pulse Results

Apply now for the Healthy Workplace Initiatives Fund

Apply now for the Healthy Workplace Initiatives Fund

UBC’s favourite workplace funding program is back! Applications are now being accepted for the Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program (HWIP).

The HWIP provides start-up funds for health-related activities for UBC departments and units interested in promoting wellbeing in the workplace.

To date the program has funded 327 grassroots initiatives, including stretching classes, health challenges, mental health training and creative activities.

In 2019, the HWIP funded the following in Vancouver and the Okanagan:

  • 8 innovative new ideas
  • 2 bike share programs
  • 9 fitness class programs
  • 9 team health challenges
  • 2 mental health training programs
  • 4 arts-based projects
  • 1 community garden

Have a great idea? Want to boost team-building and the health of your colleagues? It’s easy to apply and the benefits to your department or unit can be far-reaching.

Deadline for applications is April 10, 2020.

Full details, including regulations, funding toolkits and application forms can be found on the Healthy Workplace Initiative Fund page.

Last call: 2020 President’s Awards for staff

Last call: 2020 President’s Awards for staff

Recognize your colleagues and their achievements by nominating them for the 2020 President’s Service Award for Excellence and the President’s Staff Awards. Nominations are due March 13, 2020. Send in your nominations before time runs out.

For more information on the President’s Awards for staff, visit:

March is Nutrition Month!

March is Nutrition Month!



Healthy eating is about so much more than food. This year for Nutrition Month, dietitians are encouraging Canadians to consider not only what they eat, but how they eat too.

Healthy eating is about eating mindfully, breaking bread with family and friends, social gatherings, memories, and emotions. Embrace and enjoy your own food culture and traditions and share them with others! For more information and to learn about March nutrition events, visit:

UBC Climate Emergency: survey and campus-wide forum

UBC Climate Emergency: survey and campus-wide forum

The climate emergency is one of the most pressing issues of our time. At this pivotal moment, the decisions and actions we take today will reverberate beyond our own borders and lifetimes. We need your help in shaping UBC’s climate emergency response. Share your ideas, candid and constructive feedback, and engage in lively and respectful conversations. You don’t need to be an expert; we all have a place in caring about our future.

Ways you can participate:

  1. Fill out the survey. Share your thoughts and ideas to help shape UBC’s climate emergency response. You could win one of five $100 UBC bookstore gift cards on each campus! The survey closes on March 27. Submit your answers:
  2. Attend the Vancouver campus-wide forum. Gather with students, faculty and staff at UBC Vancouver to learn, engage and discuss bold actions around the climate crisis.
    • Event: UBC Vancouver Campus-wide Forum
    • Date: March 11, 2020
    • Time: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
    • Location: UBC Vancouver Campus-wide Forum
      Golden Jubilee Room (4th floor), Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
      1961 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

For more information on UBC Climate Emergency, visit:

UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan update

UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan update

UBC is in the final stage of developing an Indigenous Strategic Plan, which will guide the University’s Indigenous engagement initiatives for years to come.

As part of this process, UBC is conducting a final round of open houses in the next few weeks in Vancouver and the Okanagan, during which faculty, staff and students will have the opportunity to preview the action plan and help prioritize the steps needed to bring the plan to life.
UBC Vancouver Open House dates:

  • March 11, 12:00pm–2:00pm, Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, First Nations Longhouse
  • March 12, 12:00pm–2:00pm, Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, First Nations Longhouse

For more information, please visit:

The Environment and Our Health: Dr. David Rehkopf

The Environment and Our Health: Dr. David Rehkopf

The School of Kinesiology presents The Environment and Our Health, New Discoveries – Dr. David Rehkopf. This presentation is the fourth installment of the Killam lecture series on Healthy Aging From Cells to Societies:

David Rehkopf, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Health Research and Policy at Stanford University.

In his lecture, Dr. Rehkopf will describe a new approach to finding social, behavioural and environmental influences on health that increase the reliability of findings and decrease false positive findings.

Event Information:

  • Date: March 10, 2020
  • Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
  • Location: Vancouver General Hospital, Jimmy Pattison Pavilion, Room 1891

Admission is free, however registration is required. To register for this event or for more information, visit:

Being, feeling, thinking, and doing inclusive leadership: Dr. Arig al Shaibah

Being, feeling, thinking, and doing inclusive leadership: Dr. Arig al Shaibah

Most, if not all, universities across Canada have articulated their value for and commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). However, across the university sector, institutions have continued to be challenged to mobilize campus-wide efforts to enact and embody their EDI values and commitments.

Dr. Arig al Shaibah, who self-identifies as a racialized woman administrator, academic, and practitioner, will summarize some of the challenges and opportunities in advancing EDI in the academy, referring to relevant scholarship and augmenting that knowledge with lessons learned from lived experiences and leadership practices.

This lecture is part of the Provost’s Distinguished Lecture Series on Race and Leadership, and will be hosted by Dr. Andrew Szeri, Provost and Vice-President Academic, and moderated by Dr. Minelle Mahtani, Senior Advisor to the Provost on Racialized Faculty.

Event Information:

  • Date: March 19, 2020
  • Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm
  • Location: Jack Poole Hall (Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre)
  • Cost: Free; reception to follow

For more information or to register for this event, please visit the Equity & Inclusion Office website.

Memo: Moving staff to midpoint of salary range (midpoint progression increase) (February 13)

UBC has procedures in place to ensure that staff in the following employee groups move to their salary range midpoint within a specified timeframe. These include Non-Union Technicians & Research Assistants (TRA), Executive Administrative Staff, Farm Workers, and Association of Administrative and Professional Staff (AAPS).

Identifying eligible staff

On February 13, the central compensation unit will distribute departmental spreadsheets identifying staff from affected employee groups who are currently below their salary range midpoint, and who are eligible for a midpoint progression increase (MPI).

Midpoint progression increases are funded by departmental budgets.

Excluded Management & Professional staff and Service Unit Directors are not included in this process, as their compensation is governed by a separate process.

Midpoint progression increase for TRA, Executive Administrative Staff, and Farm Workers

The university will ensure that staff who are members of these groups progress to the midpoint of their salary range within two years of starting their role, subject to satisfactory performance. This is in accordance with the Handbook for Technicians & Research Assistants and the Handbook for Executive Administrative Staff. Eligible staff who have been in their position for two years or more will be automatically adjusted to the midpoint of their salary range, subject to satisfactory performance.

Midpoint progression increase for AAPS

The university will ensure that staff who are members of AAPS progress to the midpoint of their salary range by the end of four years in their role, subject to satisfactory performance. This is in accordance with Letter of Agreement #1 in the Agreement on Conditions and Terms of Employment between UBC and AAPS. Eligible staff who have been in their position for four years or more will not be automatically adjusted to the midpoint of their salary range, as this action must be initiated by their department.

If you have questions regarding MPI or the salary of your staff, please contact your HR Advisor/Associate:

For more information, visit:

UBC is recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers in 2020

UBC is recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers in 2020

UBC is recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers in 2020. This designation recognizes the British Columbian employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work and the most progressive and forward-thinking programs.
Some of the reasons that UBC was selected as one of BC’s Top Employers this year:
  1. Encouraging employees to get involved in the wider community through the Community Leadership Program, an innovative six-month leadership development program that allows employees to lead and implement a community service learning project within their community.
  2. UBC employees work in one of Canada’s most beautiful workplaces, featuring a shoreline hiking trail and great views of the distant mountains and the surrounding Salish Sea. Employees are also encouraged to keep fit with subsidized membership to the state-of-the-art onsite fitness facility as well as an aquatic centre (complete with a 25 metre pool, lazy river and hot tub), skating rinks and year-round tennis courts.
  3. UBC provides its new moms and dads with maternity leave and parental leave top-up payments (varying by position) and employees can take advantage of on-campus daycare centres with over 600 spaces for children.
Read more about BC’s Top Employers awards at
Looking to join UBC? Check out our career listings at
Learn more about how we’re making UBC an inspiring place to work through Focus on People 2025.
Program inspires UBC faculty, staff and students to be community leaders

Program inspires UBC faculty, staff and students to be community leaders

Whether sharing stories of inspiring civil engineering research or finding meaningful ways to engage alumni, Lindsay Cashin’s pride for her community comes alive in her everyday work.

Now in her seventh year working at UBC, Lindsay first joined the university as a staff member in the Department of Civil Engineering and currently oversees special projects as a member of the Development and Alumni Engagement team at the Peter A. Allard School of Law.

In 2017, on the hunt for a professional development opportunity that could offer her greater connection to the community within and outside of the university, Lindsay enrolled in the UBC Community Leadership Program (CLP).

“I was intrigued by the opportunity to gain experience working with students and a community partner outside the university ‘bubble,’” says Lindsay.

Lindsay makes a point of giving back to the community from where she draws inspiration and community pride. “Students make UBC possible,” she says, “so I find it energizing and satisfying to give back to them in my own small way.”

CLP is an experiential learning program offered annually to graduate students, faculty and staff. Sponsored by Human Resources and the Centre for Community Engaged Learning, the program is designed in two phases with activities during the months of October to March.

In the first phase, participants take part in a series of concept-driven workshops. In the second phase, they apply their learning by collaborating with community organizations and undergraduate students through both the Reading Week program and the Student Leaders program. Together, participants spend three days implementing community initiatives in a school or non-profit organization in the Lower Mainland.

Lindsay encourages anyone who is curious about working with students, discovering community organizations beyond UBC, and developing themselves as a leader to consider CLP.

Reflecting on her experience in the program, Lindsay remarks that partnering with undergraduate students on a Reading Week project was a highlight. “I got to test-drive leadership skills while working with a brilliant student leader and five student volunteers on a film project for a really engaged and supportive community partner. It was unlike anything I’d experienced before at UBC.”

To read more about Lindsay’s experience with CLP, please visit Focus on People 2025:

To learn more about CLP, visit:

CliftonStrengths Discovery: Your Unique Strengths and Strategies for Your Success

Living your best life begins when you apply your unique talents. This course will change the way you work and will influence the rest of your life. You will learn how to identify what you do best and how to maximize your potential by using your CliftonStrengths . Join us in this workshop which uses the CliftonStrengths assessment tool and enhances participant understanding of the full potential of these strengths.

Please note: In preparation for the session, registration will be closed by February 25, 2020

Event Information:

  • Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020
  • Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Location: Tech Enterprise Facilities III – 6th FLOOR – Multipurpose Room, HR, 6190 Agronomy Road
  • Cost: $375.00

For more information, please visit the HR course catalogue.

The Working Mind: Workplace Mental Health Training for Faculty & Staff

Established by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Working Mind is an evidence-based training program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce stigma in a workplace setting. It includes scenario-based practical applications, custom videos of people with lived experience of mental illness, participant reference guides, and related handouts.

Event Information:

  • Date: Monday Feb. 24, 2020 (1 day)
  • Time: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Building: Tech Enterprise Facilities III – 6TH FLOOR – Multipurpose Room, HR, 6190 Agronomy Road
  • Cost: Fee waived

For more information or to register for this event, please visit the HR course catalogue.

alumniUBC webinar: Engaging Employees Through Career Decisions

alumniUBC webinar: Engaging Employees Through Career Decisions

Knowing how to increase employee engagement remains elusive for many people managers at a time when more and more employees are craving career development in the workplace.
What can you do in your job to increase employee engagement (for yourself or others), regardless of your position in an organization?

How can you effectively retain Millennials and other independent contributors who want career support in the workplace?

Join Colleen Egli, BA’09, to learn what new research links employee engagement with employee-manager career development discussions, learn how to strategically use these discussions as an effective, low-cost, high-return tool to increase employee engagement levels at work, and discover what key points need to be addressed to propose a business case around supporting this type of engagement initiative.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
12:00-1:00 pm

For more information or to register for this event, visit: