Partner/Spousal Employment

Applying for a Spousal Work Permit

On moving to Vancouver, if you are accompanied by your spouse (including common-law partners), and provided your work permit is valid for at least six months, your spouse will be eligible to apply for a spousal work permit and then to search for and take up employment in Canada. When applying for a spousal work permit, it will be necessary to provide proof of your relationship (i.e. a marriage certificate or a statutory declaration of common law relationship) and a copy of your work permit (unless the applications for the temporary work permits are made concurrently).

If your spouse has not yet received a job offer, he/she can request an open work permit which will allow him/her to accept any job depending on whether or not a medical exam was taken. Further information is available on the CIC website.

UBC Support for Partner Employment

UBC recognizes that relocation is stressful for all members of the family, not least for the spouse or life partner accompanying a new UBC hire. The Housing & Relocation Services team consists of Human Resources professionals who can speak with you about local employment opportunities and resources. The staff know many contacts at UBC and have local knowledge of employers and may be able to direct people to networking contacts. This element of service is informal and, while we cannot guarantee that partner employment will be found, it is reassuring to know that partners will be considered in a pro-active and friendly way.

For new faculty relocating to Vancouver seeking partner employment support, contact Melanie Groom at 604-822-1229 or

See Dual Careers at UBC for further information on UBC’s proactive efforts in dual career faculty hires.