Pilot Rent-Geared-to-Income Programs

Accepting Applications Now

The  Staff Rent-Geared-to-Income Rental Program and Faculty Temporary Rental Housing Support Program are administered by Faculty Staff Housing & Relocation Services, on behalf of UBC’s Provost Office and Department of Human Resources.

The implementation framework for these two pilot housing programs were approved by the Board of Governors on June 14, 2017 (click here for the BoG Report) as follow-through on earlier commitments of the UBC Housing Action Plan for the Vancouver campus.

The rental units that are available for use by participants in the  Staff Rent-Geared-to-Income Rental Program and the  Faculty Temporary Rental Housing Program, are owned and operated by Village Gate Homes, a subsidiary of UBC Properties Trust.

Minor adjustments to the eligibility requirements for the Staff Rent-Geared-to-Income Program will take effect as of March 1, 2019. Please see below for the updated requirements.

The programs and eligibility are summarized below.

Staff Rent-Geared-to-Income Rental (RGI) Housing Program (click here)

A Rent-Geared-to-Income program providing up to 100 eligible staff members over 2-3 years with accommodation in Village Gate Homes apartment units, paying rent capped at 30% of their pre-tax household income.  One to three bedroom units are available, depending on the size of the household.

  • Eligibility: UBC full-time staff in good standing on the Vancouver campus who meet all the following:
      • permanent full-time (more than 80% of a 35 hour work week) employees or term employees with a contract at least 1 year in length (no break in service);
      • Have a gross pre-tax household income no more than $73,500 (BC Housing Income Limits, effective June 1, 2019) per annum, see the table below for Housing Income Limits.  
    Bachelor/Studio/1 Bedroom $51,500
    2 bedroom $63,000
    3 bedroom $73,500
      • have no more than $100,000 in assets
  • Tenant Selection: Up to approximately fifty (50) RGI units will be introduced in 2018. Means testing confirmation will be expected of successful applicants at first occupancy and annually thereafter. Means testing will be completed by a Third Party Service Provider, Terra Property Management Ltd.
  • Maximum stay in the program is 10 years, after which the tenant must pay regular faculty staff rates to stay in the unit.


Faculty Temporary Rental Housing Support (TRHS) program (click here)

The Faculty Temporary Rental Housing Support program provides transitional support to up to 10 relocating, new full-time tenure-stream faculty members in Village Gate Homes apartment units,  paying rent capped at 30% of their pre-tax household income.

  • This merit-based program is intended to support lower paid, entry-level faculty hires who would have difficulty with the initial cost of relocating their family to an expensive city like Vancouver. It provides just enough extra support while the faculty member becomes more established with a year or two of salary increases, after which point other rental accommodation on or off campus is likely more affordable and the program space can be re-assigned to another incoming faculty recruit. The faculty member leaving the program would not need to physically leave their rental home on campus; they could choose instead to pay increased rent up to the level of the regular faculty/staff rate for that unit, for as long as they wish to stay. The new faculty member approved for the program would be assigned a different unit.

Application Details:

  • UBC Housing & Relocation Services (HRS) will administer the application process;
  • Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, with input from Deans and Department Heads – similar to the Prescribed Interest Rate Loan (PIRL) review process.
  • Applications may be submitted by Heads or Deans offices on behalf of a candidate through the on-line application portal, which can be accessed here 
  • Applications may also be initiated/submitted by a relocating candidate themselves within 6 months of an accepted offer. In such cases, Department Heads and Deans would then be contacted by HRS to provide endorsement for consideration by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic.
  • Up to five candidates will be approved in 2018, and a further five will be approved next year, setting the stage for staggered future turnover.
  • Applications will be processed upon receipt – there are no application cycle deadlines.
  • Upon notification of approval, applicants will be asked to provide additional documentation for formal income and asset verification, which is being provided confidentially for UBC by Terra Property Management, a neutral, third-party independent service provider.
  • Successful candidates’ names and assigned rental rates (based on 30% verified household income) will be supplied to the landlord, Village Gate Homes, for rent collection purposes.

Eligibility is restricted to: 

  • full-time tenure-stream faculty members, relocating from outside Metro Vancouver, with children
  • with household incomes below $80,000 for 2 bedroom units and $99,500 for 3 bedroom units
  • have no more than $100,000 in assets, less the value of outstanding student loans
  • 1-year tenancy but, with justification, can be extended to 2 years.

To apply for the Staff Rent-Geared-to-Income Program, please click here.

To apply for the Faculty Temporary Rental Housing Support Program, please click here. 

Applicants will be contacted via email for means testing and eligibility verification. Candidates will be given three weeks to submit requested documentation for this process. All income and asset verification for these two program options are undertaken confidentially for UBC by a trusted and neutral 3rd party housing consultant, Terra Property Management.

*Note: The size of unit allocated to successful applicants will be in accordance with the National Occupancy Standard (NOS) requirements, see the table below for some of the common examples:

National Occupancy Standard (NOS) Requirements (click here)

Household Composition Examples Unit Type
Single Adult Studio or 1 Bedroom
Adult Couple 1 Bedroom
2 Single Adults (non-cohabitating) 2 Bedroom
Single or Adult Couple with 1 child

(full or shared custody)

2 Bedroom
Single or Adult couple with child(ren) over 18

(full or shared custody)

1 bedroom + 1 bedroom for every child over 18
Single or Adult couple with 2 opposite sex children under 5 (full or shared custody) 1 bedroom + 1 bedroom to be shared by the  children
Single or Adult couple with 2 same sex children 18 years or younger (full or shared custody) 1 bedroom + 1 bedroom to be shared by the  children
Single or Adult couple with 2 opposite sex children over 5 and under 18 (full or shared custody) 1 bedroom + 1 bedroom for each opposite sex child over the age of 5
Single or Adult couple with 2 same sex children under 18 and 1 opposite sex child (full or shared custody) 1 bedroom + 1 bedroom to be shared by the same sex children + 1 bedroom for the opposite sex child

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at info.facultyhousing@ubc.ca.