Renting a Home

Rental On-Campus Restricted to Faculty & Staff (Below Market Rents)

UBC has 685 rental housing units on-campus for full-time faculty and staff at reduced rents. These units are contained in 13 buildings in the residential neighbourhoods on campus known as Hawthorne Place, Wesbrook Place, and East Campus.

All units are all relatively new (between 1 and 15 years old) and have the advantage of all being within an easy and beautiful walk or bike ride off the main academic campus, parks, schools, community centre and daycares.

The rental units are built and operated for the university by Village Gate Homes, a subsidiary of UBC Properties Trust. Location maps, photographs of the units, floor plans and waitlist application forms can be found on the Village Gate Homes website.

All full-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply to restricted faculty and staff housing. Please review the Eligibility and Allocation Guidelines for further details.

Additional information regarding access to these suites for new hires is available by calling the UBC Housing & Relocation Services Office.


Other Rentals On-Campus (Market Price Rents)

UBC also has approximately 1,034 market rental units on campus for faculty, staff or the general public, at market appraised rents.

The market rental units in the buildings listed below are owned and operated for the university by Wesbrook Properties, a subsidiary of UBC Properties Trust.

More information including photographs, floor plans, prices and waitlist / application forms on these market priced rental units can be found on the Wesbrook Properties Rental Management Services website for each building at:

Off-Campus Rentals – General Public

Recognizing that some faculty and staff prefer to live off-campus, the following list of resources can help you find a rental apartment elsewhere in Vancouver. There are many online websites dedicated to listing rental accommodations in Vancouver:

Local newspapers such as the Vancouver Sun, The Province and the Vancouver Courier are also great resources for finding accommodation.

Please note that UBC is not affiliated with any of the agencies listed above. They are listed for information purposes.

For more information about neighbourhoods in the City of Vancouver, please click here.