Child Care & Schooling

Child Care

UBC Child Care (On-Campus)

UBC is the largest campus-based child care provider in North America, and continues to be the largest provider of infant/toddler child care in Vancouver. We continue to take steps for greater support of child care options to all British Columbians.

UBC Child Care Services provides about 600 spaces designed for the children of students, faculty and staff at UBC. Expansions at various locations will annually create more spaces, however the waiting lists tend to be long. All faculty and staff may apply for the UBC Child Care Waitlist. We suggest you inquire early about available space.  For information on Provost Office’s  limited access Provost’s Priority Childcare Placement (PCPP) program see here.

Other Childcare Options On-Campus

University Hill Preschool: Established in 1966, University Hill Preschool (U-Hill) is a licensed non-profit preschool. The preschool offers a play-based program, which primarily follows the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching, but includes specific activities of the Montessori school as well, referred to as Exercises of Practical Life. More information can be found on their website.

Berwick Child Development Centre: Berwick offers  licensed child care spaces to children ages 3-5 all year round in an integrated setting with typical children as well as children with special needs. Classes are offered from 9am to 2pm with extended day options from 8:00 to 9:00am as well as 2:00 to 3:15pm. Berwick focuses on growing communication and social skills in a rich and engaging learning environment. Priority placements are given to children of UBC faculty, staff, students, or UNA residents.

Applications for the supported special needs spaces should be directed to the Vancouver Supported Child Development Program.  To apply for access to other spaces, please email or call 604-822-6616.     For more information on our programs, please visit

Off-Campus Childcare

Visit the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development website for more information on child care services available off-campus in Vancouver or contact our office for a list of current child-minding vacancies.

Kids & Co. give faculty and staff access to emergency child care as well as priority placement. UBC is a member of this national childcare company that has several locations in the Lower Mainland and across BC.

Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre provides information, referrals, training and resources to families and care givers. Initiatives include the active recruitment of “license not required” caregivers (LNRs) around Vancouver and the accessibility to toy library services.

The Development Disabilities Association (DDA) provides over 50 community-based programs and services for all children (including special needs), youths, and adults. UBC has partnered with the DDA to enhance the availability of child care for faculty and staff in five of their centres.

After School Child Care
After school programs in Vancouver are operated by outside organisations. There are three main options for after school care in Vancouver: UBC Out of School Care, Private organisations such as YMCA that run school specific programs and individual or Nanny care.  Not all elementary schools in Vancouver have after school programs. For more information about your school’s specific after school programs you can visit the Vancouver Schools Board School Directory and Map, locate the school you are interested in and once you are on the school specific page, click on Programs and Services. If none of the options listed on the school specific website are suitable for your situation we recommend using Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre to help you find an alternative solution.


Enrolling Your Children in Vancouver Elementary or Secondary Schools

New UBC faculty members who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply for either a Study Permit or a Visitor Record for each of their children at the border. The Study Permit and Visitor Records will be attached to the children’s passports, with the dates that they can legally reside in Canada clearly marked. These dates usually match the dates set out in the faculty member’s work permit. Preschool children do not need a Study Permit and can obtain a Visitor Record or a stamp in their passport on entry to Canada.

Upon arrival in Vancouver, children are required to go to the Newcomer Welcome Centre (NWC) for placement testing (if they are not born in Canada or if they are Grade 1 to Grade 12 students born in Canada who do not speak English as their home language.) Children cannot enrol in school until your family arrives in the country and a tenancy agreement shows that you have a local Vancouver home address.

After successfully enrolling your children, they will be allocated to a preferred school in your catchment area or one close by if the preferred school(s) are full. If you arrive in the summer and your children are starting school in September, you may not find out the school they have been allocated until late August.

If you are relocating from within Canada, you can register directly at the school of your choice but priorities are given to people closest in the catchment area.

Foreign Nationals & International Fees
Your work permit must be valid for a full year in order for children to register in school without paying international fees.

Post-Secondary Schools & Colleges

Older children who are entering post-secondary education will also need to complete a Study Permit before they arrive in Canada.