Recruitment & Hiring

In an increasing competitive international market, UBC is committed to attracting and retaining excellent faculty and staff at the university. Human Resources provides guidelines and support to faculty and departmental administrators to support you as you undertake the recruitment and hiring process.

UBC has implemented an online recruiting system for hiring and appointment processing campus-wide. All staff postings use the eRecruit online system, while faculty appointments are being integrated into the system.

Recruitment and Hiring Support for Faculty Appointments

Visit our Faculty Relations section for information on:

Recruitment and Hiring Support for Staff Appointments

Visit our Administrators section for information on:

Recruitment and Hiring Support for Student Workers

Visit our Administrators section for information on hiring and managing  Student Workers.

Recruitment Support for Volunteers

Volunteers can bring a unique background, perspective, and energy that benefits everybody involved with volunteer programs at UBC.  Many UBC departments and faculties use volunteers every year to develop new and exciting programing for the entire university community.

UBC Human Resources recommends that UBC departments and faculties carefully plan, structure, and implement detailed volunteer programs and guidelines in order to gain the best results from their volunteer programs.

Please download the Guide to Developing and Managing a Volunteer Program (PDF), or download the Volunteer Guideline Appendices (PDF), to find full and complete information regarding all aspects of volunteer programs at UBC, including:

  • Planning
  • Recruitment, Interviewing & Screening
  • Orientation & Training
  • Supervision & Evaluation
  • Recognition

If you have any questions, contact your HR Advisor.

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