Hiring & Managing

Services & Information for UBC leaders and managers

UBC HR provides a variety of tools and information to assist faculty and departmental administrators in doing their jobs. Below are links to some of the most common administrator tasks.

Recruitment & Hiring

UBC HR provides guidelines and support to faculty and departmental administrators as you undertake the recruitment and hiring process.

See Recruitment & Hiring for more information.

Onboarding New Faculty & Staff

UBC Human Resources has programs in place to support your department in the orientation and onboarding of new faculty and staff.

Organizational Change & Transition

UBC has a number of resources available for leaders and managers at UBC who are looking for additional support during times of organizational change.

See Organizational Change & Transition for more information.

Managing Staff

UBC HR has put together a package of resources to assist administrators with the day to day tasks involved in managing staff, from performance evaluations to the disciplinary process.

See Managing Staff for more information.

Faculty Relations

Faculty Relations provides resources for faculty, professional librarians and program directors in Continuing Studies and their administrators on issues such as appointments, immigration, compensation, tenure and promotion and more.

See Faculty Relations for more information.

Resignations & Retirements

Have a staff or faculty member leaving UBC? View information to assist them in winding down their time with the University.

See Resignations & Retirements for more information.

HR Management System (HRMS)

The HRMS system is the primary source of information for human resources / salary administration, benefits enrolment and administration, and payroll.

See HR Management System (HRMS) for more information.

HR Networks

If you have responsibility for HR functions for your unit, consider joining HR Networks, a group that shares working knowledge, best practices, and dialogue around HR matters.

See HR Networks for more information.

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