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Download our commonly requested forms here. Ensure that you have the latest version by checking the date of the form. The date can be found on the bottom of the form in the footer.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section to find answers to commonly asked HRMS forms questions.

HRMS Access Forms

Benefits Forms

Benefits forms can be found in the Benefits Forms section of the HR website.

Compensation Forms

Faculty Forms

Forms for Faculty Relations can be found on the Faculty Relations Forms section of the HR website.

Employment Application Forms

Attendance Forms

  • Attendance Record Page 1 – PDF, XLS
  • Attendance Record Page 2 – PDF, XLS


  • Attendance Monthly Record 2020 – PDF, XLS
  • Attendance Calendar 2020 – PDF, XLS


  • Attendance Monthly Record 2019 – PDF, XLS
  • Attendance Calendar 2019 – PDF, XLS

Other HR Related Forms

Frequently Asked Questions About Forms


How do I remove or change a selection I’ve made from a pull-down list?

The very first entry in all pull-down lists is a blank. If you would like to remove a previously selected value: Go to the field you would like to change, make the pull-down values visible, and select the blank value at the top of the list. Or, if you would like to change your selection, simply choose a replacement value.

I can’t open the Word forms in Netscape.

Older versions of Netscape may not be able to open the Word forms in the browser. Upgrade to Netscape 7, or use Internet Explorer.

The font size is too small on the forms. How can I make it bigger?

Save the form on you PC or network, and then open the form in Word. In Word, adjust the zoom size from 90% to something larger. Everything will look bigger.

If I have a form open in my browser and then click on ‘Help’ or one of the other hyperlinks on the bottom of the form, the new information opens in the same window. How do get ‘Help’ to open a new window?

This problem has 2 solutions:

  1. Save the form on your PC, open it in Word, and then left click on ‘Help’ or one of the other hyperlinks.
  2. Open the form in your browser. Instead of left clicking on ‘Help’, right click, select ‘Hyperlink’, and finally ‘Open in New Window’.


How do I find out what my Speedcharts are?

If you or one of your co-workers has ‘FMIS on the Web’ access, go into this application, select the ‘Chartfields’ menu item, and then select ‘Speedcharts’. Enter your Chartfield info and it will tell you what the Speedchart is. If it doesn’t work, then the Speedchart does not exist. If you wait until June 2, Finance will create all the missing ones for you automatically, and then you can go back into ‘FMIS on the Web’ and try again. If it still doesn’t exist after June 2, you will have to complete a ‘Chartfield Request – Project/Grant’ form and request a Speedchart be created for an existing P/G.

Personal Data Form

Who completes this form?

This form is completed by new hires, and on an ongoing basis by anyone whose address, emergency contact, name, etc is changing. It is completed by faculty, staff and student employees, and returned directly to Payroll for data entry. For new faculty, this form is included in their benefits package. For new staff, this form is distributed at benefits orientation.

LOA Form

Is this form for faculty or staff? Does it replace any of the other Leave forms?

It’s for both faculty and staff. It’s meant to be used for any leaves that were previously done on a faculty or staff appointment form.

Joint Appointment Form

Are both an Appointment form and Joint Appointment Form required on a new joint hire?

Yes, both are required. The Home department should complete an appointment form as normal. Joint Information should not be included on the appointment form, but rather should be included on the Joint Appointment Form.

Faculty Appointment Form

The old form had boxes for PDF information (degree, year earned, supervisor). I can’t find these fields on the new form.

These fields are no longer necessary as the CV must be attached for all new hires, and the CV will have this information.

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