Telecommuting at UBC

Telecommuting refers to working arrangements that permit people to do at least some of their regular work from home rather than attending at the office. The Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC framework outlines our need to promote flexible work arrangements as it relates to creating a healthy, sustainable workplaces. Sustainability committees and the University Community Plan identify the benefits of telecommuting to the environment.

Furthermore, some departments have already implemented verbal agreements for telecommuting and have identified the need for the university to provide consistent guidelines.

Telecommuting guidelines were established for Management & Professional (M&P) staff in 2009. Please reference the materials below for more information.

Moving forward, Human Resources will review the possibility of telecommuting for our other employee groups. This will require a review of the respective collective agreements and handbooks, as well as consultation with administrators and the respective union executives.

Telecommuting Information for Management & Professional (M&P) Staff

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