Ending Student Appointments


If a student resigns prior to the end of their appointment, send a Transfer & Severance form to Payroll along with a copy of the student’s resignation letter. It is good practice to put a copy of the student’s resignation into his/her employee file.


Student workers require notice in accordance with the BC Employment Standards Act. If you need to end a student’s appointment, please contact UBC HR for assistance. A Transfer & Severance form needs to be submitted in order to end a student appointment, regardless of which party initiates the separation. For students in unionized positions, contact your HR Advisor.

Tax Forms: T4s & T4As

Students in research positions that are a direct benefit to their studies (GRAs) do not pay into the Canada Pension Plan or Employment Insurance regime and will receive T4As. These students cannot apply for Employment Insurance.

Students who are in non-research positions or research positions that are not a direct benefit to their studies (for example GAAs doing research in a field outside of their studies that are beneficial for a PI but not themselves) pay into Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance and will receive T4s. These students may apply for EI.

Copies of T4s/T4As are available online via the CWL Self-Service Portal. Payroll may send a student’s T4/T4A to his/her address upon request by the student. Students should ensure that their address on the CWL Self-Service Portal is up to date.

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