Making a Job Offer

Contact Your Candidate

When you have decided on the best candidate, it is time for the job offer. This can be done over the telephone, but remember that making a verbal job offer is as legally binding as any other type of offer.

If you are intending to offer a salary that is at or above the salary range, please call your HR Advisor or Associate before making the job offer.

When talking to your prospective employee, be sure to cover information like:

  • Eligibility to work in Canada
  • Position level
  • Employee group
  • Salary
  • Start date, end date if applicable
  • Probation / orientation period – check with your HR Associate prior to adjusting probation periods to determine eligibility
  • Benefits

Formalize the Offer

If the position was posted, then enter the offer details into eRecruit, generate the offer letter, and send it to the new employee. M&P offer letters require a signature by the employee. M&P signed offer letters and department signed offer letters will need to be uploaded into the Applicant Attachments section of eRecruit. Once the offer letter is uploaded, move to the Prepare for Hire stage to submit your hire to Payroll. For more information on the eRecruit hire stage, please see the Staff eRecruit Quick Reference Guide.

If the position was not posted, once HR has received the Staff Appointment Form, an offer letter will be sent to you for review. You will need to send the offer letter to the employee. All M&P signed offer letters will need to be sent to Payroll to initiate pay.

If you are unsure of how to make an offer and would like assistance, please call your HR Associate.

Updated July 2014

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