New Employee Checklist

Please complete this form when a new employee is hired or transferred from within the University. This form is for departmental use only.

The manager or administrator should complete this checklist in consultation with the employee.

The manager or administrator should review the completed checklist with the employee prior to signing. The employee may request a copy of the completed checklist.

Both the employee and manager should sign the checklist.

Checklist Complete N/A
1. Introduction to other staff members
2. Confirmation that offer letter was received (and signed/returned to Financial Services if M&P)
3. Enrolling for payroll, benefits and pension through the Human Resources Online Benefits Enrollment System using the enrollment code indicated in the letter of offer.
4. Job description reviewed
5. Tour of building conducted (e.g. lunch room, bathrooms, etc)
6. Building access cards, keys and codes issued
7. Computer network access activated (e.g. electronic mail, system ID’s, LAN access, etc)
8. I.D. cards issued
9. Signing authority and company credit cards arranged for (e.g. financial accounts, store accounts and purchasing).
10. University property issued
a University equipment for home use (e.g. computer, cell phone, etc.)
b. Office equipment (e.g. binders, reference materials, files, textbooks, etc.)
c Work tools, equipment and protective gear
d Uniforms, security identification, name tags, etc.
e Other
11 Desk and cabinet keys issued and voice mail activated
12 Department policies and procedures reviewed (e.g. security precautions, vacation request procedures, etc.)
13 University policies and procedures reviewed:

14 Additional training, such as:

15 Other

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