Employee Resignations

It is important to fill out the transfer & severance form as soon as possible to avoid any overpayment. Please attach a copy of the employee’s resignation letter, if applicable, to the transfer & severance form.

The Staff Pre-Departure Checklist can assist you and your employee to cover off all outstanding work-related items prior to them leaving.

There is also a Resignation Checklist that will remind your employee of personal items they may wish to look into before leaving the University.

What are the Notice Requirements?

If your employee gives less notice than required (click here for notice requirements), you may choose to withhold some of the vacation that they are owed. Please call your HR Advisor or Associate to discuss this option.

What Happens to Vacation Time?

If your employee has accumulated vacation time left over when they leave UBC, they’ll be paid out for it, either on their last paycheque or by printed cheque. If they have taken vacation in excess of what they have earned, an amount equivalent to the payment of the unearned vacation will be deducted from their final paycheque. Please ensure that you indicate unused or overused vacation on the transfer & severance form so that their last paycheque is accurate.

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