Criminal Record Check Procedure at UBC

CRC for a New Hire

1. Prior to the interview, the hiring manager will determine if the position requires a CRC by reviewing the job description and the environment in which the individual will work. The hiring manager will also review the list of professional bodies above to determine whether or not CRC requirements will be met by membership in a professional body. For faculty and staff positions, review the Position Management System and complete the Criminal Record Check requirement. If you have “pooled” positions in Position Management and only some staff or faculty in that pool requires a CRC, call your HR Associate for assistance.

2. If the position requires a CRC, prospective employees who are contacted for interviews must be informed that a pre-employment CRC is required as part of the recruitment process and that any offer of employment is contingent pending results of the CRC. If the prospective employee belongs to a professional body, advise them that they will need to provide proof of current practicing membership in that professional body.

3. Provide the prospective employee with “Consent to a Criminal Record Check” and obtain their signature. Individuals must appear in person and present you with two pieces of identification prior to having their criminal record check done. One piece of ID must be government issued and include the individual’s name, date of birth, signature and photo.

4. For auditing purposes, the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) requires the organization to retain the original authorized consent form of the individual for a period of five years. The organization must be able to produce a copy of the signed consent form upon request of the CRRP.

5. Submit the CRC to the CRRP in one of two ways:

a. CRC Online allows you to expedite the CRC by providing payment and consent forms securely online. This method provides consent form and payment receipt confirmation immediately and does not accept incomplete information, eliminating incomplete letters and subsequent delays. This service option generally returns results to the organization within two to three business days. Download the CRC guide online.

b. The manual process uses the mail system or fax system. Forward a copy of the form, along with payment, to the CRRP by mail:

Criminal Records Review, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
PO Box 9217 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, B.C. V8W 9J1

If the fee is being paid by credit card, you can fax the credit card authorization form with the completed form to 1-250-356-1889.

6. The CRRP will notify you with the results of the CRC. Send the original CRC authorization, along with the results of the CRC, in a confidential envelope to:

Davinder Hothi, Employee Relations Assistant
Department of Human Resources
600 – 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
Campus Mail Zone 3

Be sure to maintain a copy for your confidential files. The CRC and results will be kept in the employee’s personnel file in Human Resources and the confirmation of the authorization will be entered into HRMS so that we can track all those staff/faculty with CRCs, and who will need them again in five years.

CRC for an Existing Employee

1. Administrators must ensure all existing staff and faculty who meet the criteria provide a CRC authorization by the applicable deadlines and must advise all existing staff and faculty who meet the criteria that a CRC will be required every five years.

2. Regularly review your staff and faculty to determine who will need a renewal CRC. At least two months prior to that renewal date, notify them that a new CRC authorization form must be provided.

3. Provide the employee with “Consent to a Criminal Record Check” and continue the process as set out in in step 3 above for new employees.

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