Calculating Vacation Pay

Vacation Pay Guidelines

At UBC, vacation entitlements are calculated with the calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. For most years, an employee’s vacation entitlement will follow the guidelines according to their employment group.

However, since very few employees begin their employment at UBC on January 1, or end it on December 31, you will likely have to calculate vacation entitlements and vacation pay for partial years in the first and last year of their career at UBC.

Partial First Year

Pro-rate the vacation entitlement based on the employment group, and how much of that year will actually be worked by the employee.

For example, if a new CUPE 2950 employee starts work on August 15th: 8.75 hours per month X 4.5 months to be worked that calendar year = 39.38 hours.

Partial Final Year

When an employee leaves UBC part way through the calendar year, pro-rate the final year’s vacation entitlement in the same way as in the first year, but using the proper rate of accrual based on the employee’s years of service. To this, add any unused vacation carried over from a previous year, and subtract any vacation already taken.

For example, our CUPE 2950 employee from the example above works for UBC for four years, and resigns effective September 30. She has carried over 35 hours of vacation from previous years, and has already taken 70 hours of vacation this year: 105 hours/12months = 8.75 hours/month X 9 months worked = 78.75 vacation entitlement. 78.75 vacation entitlement + 35 hours from previous years – 70 hours taken = 43.75 hours of vacation time owing when she resigns.

If the employee has taken more vacation than they are entitled in their final partial year, and this calculation results in a negative number, note the amount of hours owing, and Payroll will deduct this amount from their final paycheque.

If employee gives less then the appropriate notice of resignation for their employee group vacation can be calculated according to Employment Standards for their final year. (Call your HR Associate for assistance.)

Vacation Entitlements

For information on vacation entitlements in a specific employee groups, please visit the Vacation section of our website: