eRecruit FAQs: Compensation

Classifying Positions

Q. Which positions require Compensation approval?

  • All M&P, XMP, and SUD jobs require classification.
  • Departments can optionally submit the position if they require assistance.

Approving M&P Offers

Q. Why do I get these emails?

M&P job offers at or over max of range require Compensation approval.

Maintaining Job Standards

Q. Where are job standards used?

  • They are used in Position Management by the recruiters. They provide a resource to let the recruiters know if they have chosen the correct job code.
  • Also, the education and work performed from the standards is automatically brought forward onto the job description.

Maintaining Competencies

Q. Can a competency be in more than one cluster?

Yes. Open each cluster and add the competency.

Updated July 2014

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