If there is a grievance between the employer and a union or association, and the parties are not able to resolve it, arbitration is the next step in the dispute resolution process.  An issue can be referred to arbitration by either party.  In arbitration, the parties involve a neutral third party who makes a final and binding ruling.

If you have a grievance in your area, you will follow the progressive grievance process, with the support of your HR Advisor. As the grievance moves through the process, and it has the potential of going to arbitration, your HR Advisor will bring in the expertise of an Employee Relations specialist, who will represent the University at arbitration.

Since arbitration is a quasi-judicial process, both your HR Advisor and Employee Relations specialist will guide and assist you in preparing for arbitration.  You will likely be called as a witness, or asked to prepare documents for submission as evidence, or both.

HR is here to support you through this process. Your HR Advisor and the Employee Relations Manager will be able to answer your questions and concerns and will be available to help you prepare for appearing at arbitration.

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