EFAP Support for Managers

Every day as a manager, supervisor or people leader, you juggle priorities, deal with deadlines and make decisions for your team. Along with these demands on your time and energy, you are also responsible for providing a healthy and productive workplace for your employees.

UBC’s EFAP is designed to offer you the advice, consultation and resources you as a manager need to promote and maintain a healthy working environment.

EFAP Support for Managers offers a hands-on approach to problem solving that that is meant to supplement (and not take the place of) the information and guidance you receive from your UBC Human Resources Advisor and/or Associate. It can even help you deal with performance problems, approaching difficult conversations and tackle the tough situations that you are not quite sure how to handle.

Resources Available

  • Manager consultations over the telephone
  • People Leader Resources via workhealthlife.com (manager page)
  • Manager EFAP and performance management orientations
  • EFAP People Leader Guides and other resources

More Information

There is no cost to receive a manager consultation. Simply call the Shepell Care Access Centre at 1-800-387-4765 and identify yourself as a manager or supervisor in need of support.

Workshops and Seminars

Training is an important driver of employee and organizational success. By enhancing people leaders’ and employees’ knowledge and skill set, you are helping to improve retention, engagement and productivity within the UBC workforce.

The vast breadth and depth of Shepell training and development programs address and help solve critical workplace issues. From one-hour health and wellbeing lunch-and-learn sessions, to full-day workshops and specialized training, Shepell offers a range of resources to meet your changing needs. These workshops are offered at competitive rates – please contact UBC’s Health and Wellbeing Associate for information and pricing.

Some examples of the topics covered include:

  • Leadership
  • Mental/ Emotional Health
  • Career Management
  • Change
  • Communication/ Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity
  • Nutrition
  • Parenting
  • Stress Management
  • Team Work
  • Work-life Balance
  • Retirement
  • And more!

More Information

Contact UBC’s Health and Wellbeing Associate for information on upcoming workshops and seminars or to schedule one at your Department/Faculty.

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