OrionHealth Pilot Program

HR has partnered with leading healthcare services provider OrionHealth Vancouver to pilot a new program for UBC faculty and staff beginning December 1, 2017 through to December 31, 2019. This program aims to support employees experiencing chronic pain, complex mental health conditions or a combination of both.

Using a wellbeing-focused approach to intervention, the OrionHealth pilot program is designed to help UBC employees return to or stay at work in a safe and gradual way after a period of absence due to a medical condition.

Specifically, the goals of the pilot program are to:

  • Facilitate reactivation and development of productive daily routine
  • Develop strategies for the management of pain and psychological symptoms
  • Identify and address any cumulative stressors impacting the condition
  • Optimize functional ability to return to sustainable employment or employment preparation activities

Through OrionHealth, UBC employees can access:

  • An interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals
  • Qualified clinical staff that include registered psychologists, clinical counsellors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and/or kinesiologists
  • Experience and expertise in the areas of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, mental health, medication management, occupational rehab, pain management, repetitive strain injury, resilience over psychological trauma and work conditioning
  • Education on topics focusing on mood management, sleep, pain and neurophysiology
  • Client-oriented services such as goal setting, anxiety awareness training and feedback, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, physical and/or social reactivation activities

The services offered by OrionHealth complement UBC HR’s Workplace Health Services, and align with HR’s Focus on People framework and UBC’s Strategic Plan.

Who can participate:

Participation in the pilot program is voluntary, and there is no cost to the referred employee.

How the pilot program works:

  1. Beginning December 1, 2017, UBC faculty and staff who would like to participate in the pilot program will be referred to OrionHealth by a Stay at Work/Return to Work Advisor.
  2. Orion Health will conduct an assessment for each case and determine suitability for the program.
  3. The time commitment to participate in OrionHealth treatment services could be up to/or beyond 6-8 weeks of regular medical appointments.
  4. During the pilot program, there will be ongoing communication between OrionHealth and UBC HR. Please note that at no time will your confidential medical information be shared with UBC.
  5. OrionHealth will use internal evaluations to assess the treatment outcomes for each client and to measure improvement or success.
  6. At the end of the program, clients will be able to provide feedback about their experiences through a satisfaction survey.

Note: Referrals and intakes will end by October 1, 2019. Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, wait times may vary for particular services and impact work integration plans.

For more information about the pilot program:

About OrionHealth:

OrionHealth Vancouver, a part of the CBI Health Group, has provided specialized healthcare services for over 25 years. With their interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals, OrionHealth works closely with clients, referral sources and employers to achieve outcomes that sustain long after transition from their programs. Their services include helping clients who have physical work injuries, have experienced a trauma, suffer from chronic conditions, or need a specialized assessment.