Who Should Enrol in OPH?

If you are exposed to certain risk factors in your workplace, you need to enrol with Occupational & Preventive Health. Our team will then recommend preventive services and programs to help minimize the impact of these risks.
We offer targeted programs to a variety of employee groups, both on and off campus, whose work involves certain risk factors as described in the table below.

Anyone with a 7-digit UBC employee number whose work involves: Example Personnel
Exposure to animal species Research technicians, animal care technicians, veterinarians, etc.
Exposure to human blood, body fluid, tissue or cell lines Laboratory staff, researchers, clinical staff, first aid workers, etc.
Exposure to human feces and/or urine Sewage workers (maintenance or research), plumbers, researchers, etc.
Exposure to infectious biological agents Laboratory staff, researchers, etc.
Entry into a Containment Level III facility Laboratory staff, researchers, safety advisors, etc.
Entry into a hospital facility Researchers, clinicians, laboratory staff, etc.
Caring for children Child care staff
Wearing a respirator, including N-95s Researchers, animal care technicians, building services workers, etc.

We also provide services to:

  • All employees who wear respirators, including N-95s
  • All employees requiring annual audiometric testing
  • Pregnant employees concerned about workplace risks
  • Employees concerned about allergy development in the workplace
  • Employees at increased risk for Hepatitis A virus
  • Employees at increased risk for tetanus disease

Your supervisor may ask you to enrol in the Occupational & Preventive Health program. You can also refer yourself, or you may be contacted by a member of the Occupational & Preventive Health team based on information provided to us by Human Resources, your enrolment in a Biosafety Course or as a result of your annual respirator fit and/or audiometric testing.

Next steps

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