Ergonomic Training & Workshops



In-Person Workshops

Please note that all of our in-person workshops for have been cancelled.  We will post on-line events as they become available.

Office Ergo

  • Ergo Your Office Training:  One hour. ON-HOLD
  • Introductions to Sit-Stand Desks: One hour. ON-HOLD
  • Office Ergo Rep Training: Three hours. ON-HOLD


Lab Ergonomics

  • Lab Ergo: ON-HOLD
  • BioSafety Ergo: ON-HOLD


Safe Lifting Ergonomics

  • MMH Ergonomics Training ON-HOLD
  • MMH Hazards & Controls Ergo Rep Training ON-HOLD
  • Safe Lifting: ON-HOLD
  • Customized ergonomics workshop available upon request: contact