Sit-Stand Ergonomic Resources

Ergonomics Training

Join us for our monthly Introductions to Sit-Stand Desks sessions. This workshop is intended for anyone who has or is interested in having a sit-stand desk. Sessions are free for all UBC faculty and staff.

Sit-Stand Workstation Set-Up

A guide to set up your height adjustable workstation ergonomically

Sit-Stand Equipment Purchasing Guidelines

Find information on key ergonomic criteria when purchasing new sit-stand desks or platforms

Sit-Stand Demo Program

Learn about how to access UBC’s demo sit-stand platforms and desks

Sit-Stand  Desk Requests for Medical Reasons

Learn about UBC’s process for sit-stand desk medical accommodations

Sit-Stand Desks: An Implementation Guide for Departments

A guide to assist departments in prioritizing implementing sit-stand desks