Ergo Your Office Guide

Proper workstation set-up reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury and improves productivity. UBC’s Ergo Your Office Guide will guide you through the steps to achieve an optimal set-up; apply the fix. We have included different ways of achieving an optimal set-up depending on your needs and available equipment; apply the fix it tips that work for you. If you feel you need different or additional equipment, talk to your supervisor or safety committee. You may also wish to attend an Ergo Your Office Workshop.

Please keep in mind that static postures, even with the best set-up, are not healthy; our bodies need to move-make frequent positional changes and get up at least once per hour.

Follow up with your Health Care Provider for new or lingering symptoms.


Optimal Set-Up

  • Feet firmly supported with knees ~900
  • Hips level with or slightly above knees
  • Keyboard and mouse below elbow level
  • Top line of text at eye level
  • Monitor distance: ~arm’s length away



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