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Office Ergo Reps can help you with initial set-up and problem solving. View a list of Office Ergo Rep List (PDF) to find a rep in your department.

Become an Office Ergo Rep

Upcoming Office Ergo Rep Training: Offered on a Tuesday afternoon, every other month

TEF3 (6190 Agronomy Rd): 6th floor Training Room
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The Ergonomics program at UBC strives to have an Office Ergonomics Representative for each department. We provide the training (usually three hours) and material required for reps to promote, educate and ensure musculoskeletal health in their departments.

Office Ergo Reps are trained by the Ergonomics Coordinator in simple computer workstation set-up, signs and symptoms of injuries from poor ergonomic set-up and control strategies to reduce or prevent symptoms.

Benefits of Having an Office Ergo Rep for Your Department

  • In-house ergonomics assistance for minor issues, office planning or ordering new equipment
  • Increased knowledge of departmental resources and equipment
  • Increased knowledge of specific task and environmental demands
  • Faster, more efficient response to ergonomic issues

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Be a resource for ergonomics in your department
  • Educate your co-workers about risk factors and prevention strategies
  • Assist your co-workers in the optimal set-up of their workstation
  • Orient new employees and set-up their workstations ergonomically

Of course, our Ergonomics Coordinator is always available to help with more complicated ergonomic issues and privacy concerns.

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